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Am I Psychic?

Do you have any advice for me Karina, I think I may be psychic?

Karina Says: If you think you're psychic, chances are you probably are! It's not something you're likely to imagine! That said - while most people are psychic to some degree, some are more naturally skilled than others. To begin with, take my psychic test ....

Karina's Psychic Test

Answer the following questions as truthfully as you can with a Yes or No.

1. Can you sense the atmosphere of people in a room when you enter?
2. Have your dreams ever come true?
3. Do light bulbs have a shorter lifespan in rooms you spend time? (Those with unfolding psychic energy unknowingly fire off psychic energy which can blow light bulbs).
4. Have you ever had a premonition that came true?
5. Did you ever correctly sense when a loved one was in danger?
6. Have you ever heard your name called but when you look, no-one was there?
7. Can you see auras (fuzzy lights around people)?
8. Have you ever sensed a strong smell that reminded you of something, even though no-one else smells it?
9. Are you a touchy-feely sort of person?
10. Have you felt deja vu, like you have already experienced something but in another life?
11. Do you sometimes know who is calling before picking up the phone?
12. Do you sometimes know what someone is going to say before they say it?
13. Do you have an adverse effect on computers or other electrical equipment when upset? (Again your psychic energy is more intense when you are upset, so it can interfere with electrics).
14. Do you feel you can communicate more than most with animals?
15. Can you mostly sense when someone is lying?
16. Can you take an instant dislike to people for no reason?
17. Are you comfortable with the idea of talking to the dead?
18. Do you know when someone is ill before they tell you?
19. Are you more sensitive or easily hurt than most?
20. Do you sometimes see flashes of light out of the corner of your eye? (This may be spirits or angels).
21. Do you feel your moods change according to who you are with?
22. Do you feel drained and tired around certain people?
23. Are you sometimes aware when someone is sad, even if they are smiling?

Now Get Your Results .....



Now count up your number of Yes answers to get your score.

18-23: WOW!! You have very strong psychic abilities and simply have to develop them, perhaps even for professional use!. Consider joining a spiritual development circle or taking a course with a psychic college. Google 'psychic courses', 'angel workshops' and 'mediumship courses' in your area. Whatever you do - this is a gift that needs to be explored or you will never quite achieve your full potential. You are meant to learn more as part of your life journey ...

10-17: You may be more psychic than you realize. Start to believe in your intuition and begin working with your sixth sense. Practice with oracle cards to develop your connection with the invisible world. If nothing else, it will help you learn to trust your gut instincts. Your instincts - if you listen to them - are a short-cut to success.

6-9: You have some psychic ability and they are waiting to be developed further. Try mediating to free blockages stopping you from achieving your true potential.


1. Start Learning

It's time to start learning! Read about psychic development and what's involved - it really will blow your mind!. I have put together an Amazon shop at the end of this page with my personal reading choices for you. Browse the options and pick the ones that instinctively appeal to you.

2. Recommended Psychic Colleges

If you're still interested after doing a little research, then you're ready to explore your gift further. There are a number of excellent colleges in the UK that offer training in psychic development. The Arthur Findlay College (AFC) is world renowned and conveniently offers accommodation. It is easily accessible for those living in the UK and Ireland - although people travel from all over the world including Australia and America to attend it.

Arthur Findlay College
Just outside Stanstead airport, UK
Courses on: Trance mediumship, platform mediumship (on stage), physical mediumship, developing psychic abilities, dream interpretation and more.

College Of Psychic Studies
Courses on: Art and divination, psychic development, trance, energy healing and meditation; as well as channeling angels, spirit guides and other celestial beings.

Lilydale, New York
Daily lectures, public demonstrations and classes on a range of psychic and mediumship development.

Psychic Development Assessment
Personal psychic assessment by Karina.

Learn About Psychic Development

Start learning! Read about psychic development and what's involved. I recommend the following books:

Help?! I Think I'm Psychic!

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