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Spirit Guides

Who or what are Spirit Guides and how do we contact them? Meditations and signs.


Angel Cards

Angel cards are an excellent (and fast) way to communicate directly with angels. They are particularly useful for people who don't have much time for meditation. Angel cards are essentially oracle cards. Typically a deck contains about 44 cards and each card contains an individual message. The querent (person asking the question) shuffles the deck and asks a question they want answered by their angels. Sometimes a card may fall (even leap) out of the pack when you shuffle them, others times you wait until you feel the moment is right to stop shuffling, and then pick a card.

Angel cards by Doreen Virtue

Typical Angel Card Messages

The following are example messages from Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy Oracle Cards:

Listen to your intuitive feelings: Your body is receiving accurate messages from the Divine.
Cut your cords: Ask archangel Michael to clear any old attachments and fear that stems from past relationships, freeing you from destructive patterns.
Past life issues: This situation has a basis in one of your previous past lives. Ask your angels to remember, release and heal from your past experiences.

Some decks will have one or two simple keywords printed on the front of the card, such as Divine Timing, Answered Prayer, Abundance, Honesty or Generosity. The accompanying guide book provides a more detailed message for each card. Alternatively you may choose to ignore the guide book and simply reflect on the keyword(s) psychically - close your eyes and allow the words to ‘wash’ over you - take note of any thoughts or images that pop into your head, or any sensations you feel. Using the cards in this manner is a more advanced technique and is akin to performing a psychic reading. It will help to build your direct connection to angels and your messages will gradually become more vivid, detailed and powerful. See the guide books as a starting point, but aim to eventually trust your own instincts and connection.

Popular Decks Of Angel Cards

My Personal Favourites are:

1. Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards
2. Archangel Michael Oracle Cards

How To Do An Angel Card Reading

Most decks include a small instruction booklet on how to do an angel card reading. Nevertheless, the following are some simple routines:

Pick a card at the beginning of each day. Spend a moment focusing on the day ahead and then pick a card. Keep your card with you or place it where it will be clearly seen. At the end of the day, reflect on the message of the card and what it meant (taking into account whatever happened during the day).

Choose a card just before you go to sleep and place it under your pillow. This will allow the message of the card and the angels to inspire your sleep.

Choose a card at the beginning of any new project, venture or cycle, and on your birthday or anniversary. Reflect on the message and how it may apply to the days/months ahead.

This is a type of angel card horoscope reading. Every New Year, choose 12 cards, one for each upcoming month. Make a note of the cards on your calendar.

Choose an angel card for a friend or family member who needs help. Focus on their challenge - be that, the need for healing, success at a job interview or exams - then surround them in the angelic quality of the card.

Also: See angel card lessons.

Next, guide to healing with Angels: Angel Therapy.

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