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What Does Archangel Michael Want To Tell You?

Look at the 3 cards below. Close your eyes and ask Michael to pop a number into your head. Take the first number that pops into your head AFTER you call on him.

Note: if you think of a number before calling on Michael - forget that number - it is the product of your mind. If you happen to come up with the same again, that's fine, you can use it.

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1. Romance Angels Are Helping You

Are you going through a sticky patch in your relationship? Perhaps you've silently asked for help from your angel? If so, you are receiving help, quietly behind the scenes from Archangel Michael. He is using his persuasive power to help your partner wake up - to see the bigger picture, to realise the potential, that there is love here and it is enough to conquer all.

If you are single or have moved on from a relationship Michael is working to help you find your soulmate. If you feel you've been waiting some time for this to happen, be patient just a little while longer. While you may be ready - it takes two to tango - your future partner has a life too, and he/she is making space in preparation for your arrival. If you feel like giving up on love - don't. Why? Because give up on love and you give up on life. Just because you don't always get what you want, as soon as you want it, doesn't mean you are unlucky. It's simply life. One day when you're old and gray, looking back, it will all make sense.

For you to say to Michael: To the guardian angel of my soulmate, thank you for preparing my soulmate and me for love, for giving us the motivation to make things work and for arranging for us to meet.

2. Go Forward Fearlessly

You are on the right path and it is safe for you to move forward with your plans. For some of you, this will be a clear acknowledgement - you have asked for a sign, and this is it. You have your sign, so now embrace the path you have begun!

Some of you however will feel a little lost and wonder how on earth you could be on the right path when you haven't a clue where you're heading. Don't worry - sometimes we have to be lost before we are found. In other words, it is through dissatisfaction, frustration and uncertainty that we throw caution to the wind and step through new doors. After all, were your life pretty perfect, would you bother to seriously try anything new? So in being lost, you are on the right path to finding a new direction.

For you to say to Michael: Thank you walking with me every step of the way, for holding my hand, giving me confidence and courage and guiding my thoughts and actions in the direction of love and my true life's purpose.

3. You And Your Loved Ones Are Safe

Archangel Michael is watching over those you love. So if you are worried about a loved one, rest assured they are in good hands. Michael is one of the most powerful of all the Archangels and he is wielding his sword of protection around your loved one(s). Some of you may have lost a loved one, and this message is to confirm that their return to the spirit world was a happy one and they are thrilled to be 'home'. Please don't worry about them, they say, they are in a place of great beauty and surrounded by love. They are not lonely.

You are secure and protected ... so spread your wings, spread your love and live today with joy in your heart. Banish anxiety and worries and know that things are turning out the way they are destined to. Enjoy the journey.

For you to say to Michael: Thank you for watching over me and my loved ones. Please help me feel secure and at peace. Fill me with belief, so that I can focus and create a happy, healthful life for myself.

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