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Angel Therapy

What Is Angel Therapy?

Angel therapy is any form of spiritual healing that invokes the help of angels. Angel practitioners are people who have developed a personal connection with angels and can draw on this contact to heal and enlighten others. To put it simply, where most might have to look up an angel's phone number in the directory, an angel practitioner has them on speed-dial. There are no set rules when it comes to working with angels. People can combine angel therapy with other healing activities such as energy healing, reiki and aura work. They may invoke angels to help with the therapy and give extra healing to the client. Specific angels are associated with different healing powers. Angels may also be invoked for the purpose of divination - a Tarot reader for example may call on them to help give clarity to a reading or ask for a specific message for the sitter.

What Are Angels?

The word angels comes from the Greek word angelos, meaning 'messenger'. Angels act as a bridge between the world of spirit and earth. They were never human. Although they have male names, they are thought to be androgynous; their male and female qualities are in perfect balance. They consist of pure energy that vibrates at a level we can only really sense through our aura or personal energy field. Because of this we mainly see or hear them at times of meditation when we raise our personal energy vibrations. Or we may sense them when things go disastrously wrong in the material world and our inner spiritual nature is forced to the surface. Children regularly see angels because they operate on this higher spiritual level more naturally. As adults it is possible for us to regain this contact and reconnect with angelic wisdom by learning how to raise our vibrations through angel meditations.

Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About Angels?

There is no doubt that there is a growing awareness (a rediscovery perhaps?) about the presence of angels. Angel sightings are being ever more frequently being reported. Much has been written about in astrology terms, the Earth moving into the Age of Aquarius. According to astrologers, every 2,150 years the Earth shifts frequency and with it, new influences come into being. Enlightenment and the expansion of human consciousness is closely associated with the Aquarius shift. More people are starting to question the modern scientific view of the world which is materialistic and based on the assumption, if we can't measure it, it's not there. Even in the scientific world, established rules and theories are being shattered with the advent of quantum psychics. Subtle energy changes are occurring and our collective vibration frequency is being raised. In effect, this means it is becoming easier for all of us to have mediumship contact with the 'other side'.

How Can I Tell If An Angel Is Near Me?

Angel signs

Many of you have already been touched by an angel without realising it. Angels tend to wait until we are ready to acknowledge them and welcome them into our life before making their presence more prominently known. Some of the following are just a few of the most common signs that an angel is near:

• White feathers appearing in unlikely places.
• After asking the angels for help you hear the word Angel mentioned on the TV, radio or in conversation.
• A sudden floral smell even though there is no obvious source.
You see angel formations in the clouds after asking for help.
• Your cat or dog rolls over and makes happy noises as though an invisible hand is petting them (Angels love animals).

Guardian Angels

The closest angel to all of us is our guardian angel. The relationship with this angel starts before we are born. Once in the womb they are said to close our channel with the spiritual world just before we are born. Your guardian angel never leaves you and will help to keep you on the right path in life (but you still have free will). Many people who are dying have spoken about an angelic presence near them, preparing them for the transition and return to spiritual life (for more about this, read about reincarnation). As children, imaginary friends are often our guardian angels and they gently guide us on our life path. By the time we adulthood they tend to take a backseat, allowing spirit guides to take the lead. Unlike angels, spirits guides were once human and are more attuned to daily life and its problems. Our guardian watches from a distance and only steps in when we are truly off our path of destiny.

How Can I Contact Angels?

There are many different ways of contacting angels, but most involve raising your vibrations through some form of angel meditation (my audio below for example has a powerful angel meditation).

Alternatively, find a quiet spot where you won’t be disturbed and play soft music (preferably one without lyrics). Focus on each chakra, one at a time, moving from the base up to the heart - taking deep breaths as you do so. When you reach the heart chakra allow your consciousness to transcend ordinary senses. This is called heightened awareness. It is the state in which you can receive messages from angels. Don’t worry if nothing happens, it can take practice. You may find it easier in the beginning, after a few minutes of meditation, to take out a deck of Angel cards and pick one for a message.



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