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July Angel Message

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4 Of Air: "Time to rest or take a vacation. Allow more time before making a decision. Meditation may provide the answer".

Strength: "Great inner strength. Release harsh judgments. Forgiveness and compassion".

What This All Means

I know we're only half way through the year, but some of you will feel like you've already packed 12 months worth of emotions or experiences into the year so far! Yes, there are some areas in your life that are taking up a lot of your time and energy, perhaps some decisions even need to be made. But now is not the time. This week is official RELAXATION week (well ok perhaps it's not official....).

The angels say you need a bit of head space - some time to unwind. If you're not planning a few days away, then at least try to carve out an evening for some alone time. Run a bath, listen to some music and pour yourself a drinkie or two (mix up a yummy alcohol free cocktail if you don't drink). Try to put aside any niggling concerns, thoughts or dilemmas for a short time. I want you think about NOTHING. Doing so will give your mind a good clear out (for some of you meditation will also provide this - so if you've been thinking about trying meditation, this is the week to begin).

The benefit? You'll start to see the wood for the trees. Occasionally we need to step out of our life, even for a short moment, to gain a clearer perspective. If you find yourself becoming a little short-tempered or easily annoyed by people in your life - it may not be them - it could simply be that you need a break. After a little 'me time' you'll feel much better about yourself and everyone else.

So run that bath water .... grab a good book and let go ....

Karina x

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Cards: Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine.

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