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Angel Sightings

A UK study in 2002 made a detailed examination of 200 people who claimed an encounter with angels. Their experiences typically included one of the following:

1. Vision of an angel, sometimes witnessed by several people.
2. Hearing voices, usually to convey a warning.
3. Sense of being touched, pushed or lifted to avoid a dangerous situation.
4. Smell of a fragrance, usually around the time of death of a loved one.

Although an angel did not appear directly to many surveyed, the respondents reported a spiritual presence that came to them in a time of need. The purpose of the visit may have been to help to restore their faith or to lend them the energy to do what they needed to do.

According to a poll recently taken by America's Time Magazine, 50 percent of Americans believe in angels and 46 percent of these believe they have a Guardian angel who is taking care of them. Yet surprisingly, 1 in 5 of those questioned reported themselves as non-religious. In fact, it turns out that more Americans believe in angels than they do in global warming (36 vs 46 percent). Additionally, 68 percent of Americans believe that demons and angels are active in the world today. Many for example believe that in the atrocities of 9/11 the devil could be seen outlined in the smoke from the burning twin towers. Office workers who jumped to their death are thought of as 'falling angels' and those fire-fighters and police officers who selflessly helped others were angels in human guise. There are many stories of angel sightings during times of disasters and terrorist attacks around the world. These include the London bombings of 2005, the Bangkok nightclub fire of 2009 and Chilean mining disaster of 2010. Whether or not we believe the stories in literal terms, the image of the angel is there to remind us to aspire to being better, kinder and more loving human-beings.

Angel Sightings

Thames Angel: Sightings of an angel on the Thames river that appeared as far back as the Great Fire of London and much more recently.
Butterfly Angel Sighting: Chilean Mining Disaster of 2010. 33 men trapped 2,000 feet below ground.
Angel Sightings In Space: In 1985, reports of 7 angels in space by Russian cosmonauts.

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