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Thames Angel

One of the most famous angels in England is that of the River Thames. This particular angel has been sighted on numerous occasions, usually in the past at times of great distress. It was spotted as far back as the Great Fire of London in 1666 and more recently in World War I and World War II. Since then the angel has been captured numerous times on photographs, CCTV, video and seen by the naked eye. In recent times the sightings have not been associated with disaster. Most of those who see this angel claim she radiates calmness and tranquility.

Early Appearances In 1666

One of the earliest sightings of the Thames Angel was in 1666 after the Great Fire of London. The fire started in a bakery and swept through the city destroying three quarters of the buildings but miraculously only 6 people were killed. After the fire several people reported seeing the angel around the area of the Thames. One of the beneficial consequences of the fire is that the city was cleared of the plaque, a disease that was wiping out the local population. It was believed the angel was behind this cleanse and recovery.

Modern Appearances

Due to the advances of modern technology it has been possible to capture sightings of the angel on camera. In 2006 the TV presenter David Grant was filming a talent show along the banks of the Thames. He was caught on camera becoming distracted suddenly by something appearing over the Thames, he said, he had seen the angel. If you search YouTube, you can watch the original interview.

thames angel
Jemima Waterhouse's Photo

Another notable sighting was reported by a student Jemima Waterhouse in 2006. She was walking to meet a friend when she saw a winged apparition hovering over the Thames. Once she recovered from the initial shock, she took out her phone and took a photo. The photo turned out blurry and by the time her friend arrived, the angel had disappeared. Jemima said 'I felt a sense of calm spreading over me. It was comforting and familiar, a kind of peace that lasted for a while after’.

thames angel
Mario Daniello's Photo

Around the same time there was another sighting of the angel caught on a camera owned by Mario Daniello. Mario Daniello emerged from Waterloo train station and stopped to have his photo taken by the Thames. While he was waiting for the photo to be taken, he felt a sudden desire to laugh and felt blissfully happy. This is a common feeling reported by many angel witnesses. It was only when he saw the photo, he realised why. Behind him was a blurry, white winged figure.

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