Who Is This For?

This assessment is for everyone who would like to explore their psychic and spiritual gifts. Maybe you are a natural healer, medium, psychic or even angel therapist! If you would like to uncover your gift but don't know where to start ... this assessment is for you.

What You Receive

Extensive online psychic survey to uncover your talents.
Your answers personally analysed by Karina.
40 minutes phone call with Karina to discuss your results.
8-10 page personal action plan Where To From Here.
40 minute phone call 8 weeks later to review your progress.

Book Now
€250 (about £210)


Those who complete the assessment are eligible to take part in my Advanced Mentorship Program.

After Payment

  • You will be asked to complete an online psychic assessment.
  • Once the assessment is completed, Karina will email you to arrange your first call. (You will be given a regular landline number in Ireland to call on the day of your appointment).
  • After your first call, Karina will email you with your personal 8-10 page action plan.
  • 8 weeks later Karina will email you to arrange a follow-up call and assess your progress.


What People Are Saying ....

Thank you so much Karina for my assessment last week. I thought I was going mad, but now I understand it all much better. My head feels like it is lifting off, but you explained why this is happening and where it's all leading. I can't wait to explore things further.
Avery, 23, London

Amazing, just what I needed. A lot of strange things had been happening, my energy was going nuts to the point I couldn't go into a shop without feeling drained. I was already interested in alternative health, but with your direction I've decided to some training and just signed up for a Reiki course. Thank you, thank you!
Claire, 41, Dublin

I couldn't talk to anyone else about this, they would have locked me up! It was just such a relief to talk to someone who understood and could help me.
Yvonne, 34, Cavan

Things that go bump in the night, strange smells that no-one else is getting ..... it was so good to talk to someone who could explain it all to me. Thank you Karina, you have given me an exciting (but still scary!!) new direction to discover.
Milda, 63, Devon



** Only for clients who have completed the initial assessment.**

Continue to develop your psychic skills with this mentorship. Each session is 1 hour and is used to discuss ongoing events as you explore your gift.


Number Of Sessions

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