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Famous Aquarians

Jennifer Aniston
Oprah Winfrey
Princess Stephanie
Sheryl Crow
Zsa Zsa Gabor
Paris Hilton
John Grisham
Abraham Lincoln
Bob Marley
Ronald Reagan
Jerry Springer
Justin Timberlake
John Travolta


(January 21 - February 18)

aquarius picture
Air Sign: Water Bearer

Personality Traits

Aquarians are ruled by the element Air and the planet Uranus, making them not just the most intellectual of the star signs, but also the most unique and inspirational. Aquarians set the trend, they never follow. They are glamorous, charming, vivacious, independent and ever so slightly eccentric! But, despite their obvious charm and friendly manner, people born under this zodiac sign are cool and distant and they deal with others on a practical rather than an emotional level. If you want logical, well thought out advice, then your Aquarian friend is the person to ask! In fact, this star sign loves to give advice to others and, being an Air sign, they are gifted communicators and love to chat.

Many Aquarians are visionaries - they are able to spot a trend before anyone else, they see connections that others fail to see. They can untangle complex issues - whether emotional or practical - simply because they are easily able to see the 'bigger picture'.

Some would call this horoscope sign unconventional, some would call them a little crazy, some would call them great innovators, other would say they are great humanitarians - but everyone agrees they original - so don't try to compare them with anyone else!

The Aquarian Love Life

When an Aquarian enters a room, every head turns in her direction! Her glamorous appearance, ready smile and friendly manner draws men to her side like moths to a flame. So, attracting a partner is never an issue for anyone born under this sun sign. The Aquarian's big problem, when it comes to relationships, is their reluctance to let their emotions show! Of course, this can be a good thing initially, but doing so indefinitely can be a mistake and maybe even prevent you from getting together with your soul mate. The hottest partners for the Aquarian girl are guys born under the star signs Gemini, Libra or another Aquarius. So, be cool but prepared to melt!

The Aquarian at Work

Aquarians need their own space so any job that requires working in a closed environment with lots of people is not for them. This doesn't mean you don't work well with others - in fact, the opposite is true - but you must be given the opportunity to shine! Put the brilliant Aquarian behind a desk and ask them to do a boring job and they simply shut down. This astrological sign has produced more famous people than any other - inventors, scientists, reformers, presidents and actors. Jobs that involve working with hi-tech equipment, with machinery or anything mechanical are good choices. Aquarian's highly-tuned humanitarian instincts make them ideal social workers, councillors, astrologers or any job that makes them feel they are making a real difference to the human race.

The Aquarian's Family and Friends

Despite the outgoing characteristics of this zodiac sign, family life or any longterm commitments can be a problem. Not because the Aquarian is unloving - far from it - but because of her dislike of letting anyone get too close. This sun sign likes privacy, mystery, intrigue and secrets so can feel threatened by the idea of sharing which can make family and friends feel left out. This is in contrast to the Aquarian's kind heartedness and willingness to help. Aquarians need to beware of imitating the famous Greta Garbo when she said, "I want to be alone." Sadly, that is just how she ended up!

The Aquarian's Health

This star sign is generally blessed with good health and if they take care of themselves shouldn't have too many problems. The area most associated with Aquarians is the cardiovascular system so regular exercise and a healthy, low-fat diet and a non-smoking environment is important. The lower back and the ankles are also areas to watch - regular stretching helps to keep the back free of strain. The ankles are prone to weakness so make sure to wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes and not to overdo exercise.


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