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Aries (21 March-20 April)

Aries star sign
Fire Sign: Ram

Personality Traits

Ariens are ruled by the element Fire and the planet Mars making them an exciting and fiery combination! The symbol for Aries, which is the first sign of the zodiac, is the Ram and those born under this star sign are always going to be the leaders of the pack. Assertive, adventurous, dynamic, fearless, impulsive, idealistic, enthusiastic and altogether irresistible!

Ariens adventurous spirit and leadership qualities makes them capable of achieving amazing things and if you need someone to get something done, to get a project off to a flying start or indeed to get the party rolling - make sure to invite your Arien friend. Unlike most of us, those born under this sun sign have no fear of the unknown. In fact, quite the reverse - they welcome the challenge and excitement of exploring new places so don't be surprised to find them leading expeditions into new territories. Even when things don't work out as planned, those born under this zodiac sign are not quitters - their fighting spirit and passion for life will help them overcome any difficulties. When the going gets tough, we all hope to have an Arien in our corner!

A passion for life drives the Ram and he must always be first. It's no surprise to know that the astrological sign of Roger Bannister, the man who was first in the world to run a mile in under four minutes, is Aries. Aries determination and desire to win can sometimes cause friction with family and friends but their wonderful sense of humour and sense of the ridiculous will always save the day! You will find an Arien at the centre of any circle where there is love, laughter and fun.

Aries Love Life

If you are looking for passion, excitement and sheer fun then look no further than a partner born under the star sign Aries! But be prepared, because this lively and extrovert character, in their love life as in all areas of life, are always looking for adventure and nothing turns them on like the thrill of the chase. Being ruled by the planet Mars - the God of War - conquest is essential to this star sign and the Arien woman needs a man who is not intimidated by her strong qualities and passionate nature. Don't settle too quickly, take time to 'shop around' and make sure the partner you choose is equally passionate, equally adventurous (both in and out of bed!), and prepared fight his or her corner! The hottest partners for the Arien are Leo and Sagittarius - all that fire will ensure your relationship sizzles!!

Aries at Work

Being the first sign in the Zodiac and symbolized by the Ram makes those born under Aries leaders in the work environment as in other areas of life. Whatever area they choose to work in you can be certain that their enthusiasm and original thinking makes them much in demand. They have exceptional commercial skills and, if you want to get a project off the ground, then call in an Arien. Autonomy is important to this sun sign and many will end up managers, directors or indeed owners of companies. Their competitiveness makes them excellent at sales and marketing. Many successful athletes were born under the zodiac sign of Aries as were many famous artists, including Di Vinci, Van Gogh and Goya, as well as musicians including Bach.

Aries Family and Friends

Your fiery nature and your love of adventure can sometimes get a bit too much for partners, family and friends to handle! One of the biggest fears of those born under this star sign is boredom and you will do almost anything to avoid it - even if that means disrupting the whole household. Being a 'ram', your inclination is to rush into situations without thinking too much of the end result. Slow down a little and take other people's needs into consideration; being such a powerful force can be intimidating to those around you, although all would agree that knowing you means life is never dull!

Aries Health

The part of the body ruled by the zodiac sign Aries is the head! Maybe this is why some people call them 'head cases' as they rush around from one place to another, never standing still! Many Ariens suffer from migraine and, like the head-butting Ram, many suffer from various types of head injuries. Your anxiety to get as much out of life as possible and your inclination to rush into things, means you are often careless about your safety and this can make your accident-prone. Exercise is vital to Ariens to help them burn off that excess energy and competitive sport will satisfy their need for challenge.

To Maintain Balance

Your dynamism and impulsiveness are part of your charm, but living in your shadow can sometimes be can stressful. Take a step back from time to time and make sure your partner, friends and family's needs are given consideration. Don't let your desire to win override other considerations!


Aries: 21 March - 20 April
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