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Cancer (22 June-22 July)

crab sign
Water Sign: Crab
Personality Traits

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and by the element Water which is chiefly associated with feelings. This combination makes those born under this star sign more difficult than others to define and indeed to understand. The Moon and the water element combine to make Cancerians emotional personalities with a tendency to blow hot and cold. The symbol for Cancer is the Crab which can make them appear tough on the outside, but this is, literally, a 'cover', because when you dig a little deeper you will find them soft and extremely sensitive on the inside. This makes Cancerians wonderful carers, a loving partner and, if they can avoid the inclination to be over-protective, they are a sensitive and loyal friend.

The combination of the Moon and the water element makes for a romantic temperament, but also a tendency to moodiness and self-absorption. This moodiness can be confusing to others because one minute you seem to be their best friend, while the next it seems like you can't wait to be rid of them! One of the most amazing traits of those born under the Cancer zodiac sign is their powerful imagination. Used positively this gift is your greatest asset, but used negatively, it can make life very difficult for you and those around you, causing you unnecessary worry and stress.

The Crab that symbolizes the astrological sign of Cancer, carries it's home on it's back, and those born under this sign are happier at home than anywhere else. They are domesticated and nurturing and like nothing better than to feed and care for their family.

Cancer Love Life

Nothing is more important to those born under this star sign than love and if they are lucky enough to find the right partner, it will, literally, transform their life. Being sensitive and temperamental can make you difficult to get to know and your up and down moods can be confusing to a potential partner. The biggest danger for Cancer, and indeed for their partner, is that they can care too much and make their partner feel smothered.

Like other Water signs, Cancer is the ultimate romantic and when you are with a partner who is equally romantic, everything is fine. However, the Cancer 'crabbiness' can sneak in and spoil things if you feel your partner is not responding in the way you would like them to and this can cause tension. If you can overcome these difficulties, then you create a wonderful, happy home for your partner and children. Anyone looking for the 'New Man' would do well to check out their Cancerian friends - this guy is happy to settle down to domestic bliss!

Cancer At Work

This horoscope sign is shrewd, imaginative and sociable and will do well in a number of business areas. However, your nurturing side is one of your predominate traits so any career in the caring professions, like doctor, nurse, counsellor or teacher, will work well for you. Being a water sign and, of course, with your symbol being the Crab, any job that involves the sea will appeal to you. If you don't fancy going to sea, perhaps working as a swimming instructor or a lifeguard would be the next best choice. You are blessed with a brilliant memory so any career that involves recall of facts or figures is a good choice. Your love of food might lead you to follow a career as a cook, a restaurant owner or a food critic. Cancer will be very happy to work from home so any career that allows them to stay inside their 'shell' is a winner!

Cancer Family and Friends

Cancer is the sign of the family and both male and female Cancerians are intensely nurturing which can make them wonderful parents. No 'mammy' is more important than the 'mammy' of those born under this sign and the Cancer male will be happy to marry the woman that reminds him most of his mother! Don't let that put you off - remember, if he's good to his mother, he will be good to his wife! Any threat to your environment can trigger insecurity and that always present, underlying, moodiness. Cancer tends to take a romantic view of the past and will hold on for dear life to anything that reminds them of happy times - try to guard against this as it can sometimes be annoying to family and friends who are more interested in the present and the future.

Cancer Health

Ruled by the ever-changing moon, this star sign tends to worry more than any other and guarding against this natural tendency is your biggest challenge. Worry leads to digestive problems, mainly minor issues but continued worry can trigger bigger health issues. Exercise, ideally outside, will help to counteract some of the stress which builds up as a result of (mostly needless!) worry and a healthy, low-fat diet will prevent (again, worry induced!) indigestion, heartburn and stomach upsets. The chest is the body area most associated with the sun sign of Cancer so it is important that as a Cancerian woman you regularly check your breasts and see your doctor if in doubt. But, don't be alarmed, there is absolutely no association between the star sign Cancer and the disease.

To Maintain Balance

I have just two words to say to you that will help you to get more out of every area of your life - STOP WORRYING! Take a step back, learn to chill and you will be amazed that nothing bad will happen! Love and pamper your partner but remember that he or she also needs their own space. This is not a rejection of you - it is simply that in order to grow and develop as a couple, we need space to develop as individuals.


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