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2014 Year Ahead

Aries: You wake up early one morning in 2014 and realise there are no longer any obstacles to following your dreams. The path is clear. This year embrace change, you are entering a 12 year cycle of spiritual awakening. Career changes and romantic love are heightened. A pretty awesome year in fact!

Taurus: Uranus arrives in your spiritual house and remains for 12 years. This means you can expect heightened intuition. If you are attracted to healing work or helping others, this is the year to start. Love becomes settled in 2014, whomever you are with at the end of the year is likely to become/remain a life partner.

Gemini: A year of significant changes, old friends disappear and new ones appear. You are tempted to travel, if only for an extended holiday. Follow your gut. Take a break, shake up routines and return with a clearer purpose and direction.
What you do this year will shape your life for the decade to come.

Cancer: You are emerging from a long dark tunnel into the light. Jupiter has entered your sign heralding a cycle of luck, good health and prosperity. It's a perfect year to start a business, buy/renovate a new home or undertake another major project. Career is likely to be challenging, but where others fall, you come up smelling of roses.

Leo: Your outlook changes this year and finally you understand what you want from life. Be patient with love, it starts off slowly but ends the year on a high. As for work, many Leo's will change jobs this year, or look for new challenges in their current position. This is a year for steady focus and growth.

Virgo: Many of you will marry this year, or settle into a permanent marriage-like relationship. Finances improve, but in a steady way. 2014 is a time for laying foundations for the future (developing relationships, having babies, starting a new job or study). You are growing up!

Libra: If your love or work life has been unstable for some time (think years), it finally improves with flying colour's in 2014. You are entering a powerful time in your life, everything you want can be achieved if you put the effort in. Love, finances, career, children. Everything settling and prospering as you dreamed of.

Scorpio: 2014 is a serious time in your life. You are thinking about the future and putting down roots. A little voice in your head is prompting you to remember what you came here to do, and to do it. This is a year for head down - work, family and laying the foundations for a joyous future.

Sagittarius: If you have itchy feet, you may spend more time travelling than normal this year. Sometimes we need to get away to appreciate what we have. On a spiritual level you are like a wander seeking wisdom. You may be attracted to various spiritual practices. The wandering is not over yet, although it will be soon. When it is, you'll settle on one path and stick with it.

Capricorn: This is a year of personal transformation and reinvention. You are in a new cycle of discovery. It is time to junk what no longer works and embrace the new. Things will get much easier as the year progresses, and gradually a larger Divine plan will be revealed.

Aquarius: 2014 is a year for reviews - review your love life and work. Where you are unhappy ask can you improve the situation? If not, it's time to move on. Higher Powers have plans for you dear Aquarius, and if you stay in a rut, they will force your hand for you. You are special and destined for great things.

Pisces: 2014 is less about imagination and fantasy and more about putting plans into action. Cosmic energy is behind you, use it to blast goals and achieve material, emotional and financial success. You can return to the comfort of your head once you have your house in order!

Finding Your Sign

Each astrology (sun) sign is represented by an animal or mythical character which symbolizes its inherent nature. Your sun sign shows which constellation was behind the sun at your birth. While this does not give as much information as a birth chart prepared by a professional astrologer, it can help you to understand yourself in astrological terms.

Sun Sign Dates

Aries: 21 March - 20 April
Taurus: 21 April - 21 May
Gemini: 22 May - 21 June
Cancer: 22 June - 22 July
Leo: 23 July - 23 August
Virgo: 24 August - 22 September
Libra: 23 September - 23 October
Scorpio: 24 October - 22 November
Sagittarius: 23 November - 21 December
Capricorn: 22 December - 20 January
Aquarius: 21 January - 18 February
Pisces: 19 February - 20 March

What Is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient form of divination that uses the positions of the moon, planets and stars to interpret how their movements in relation to each other affect our lives. According to astrologers, celestial bodies exert forces and exhibit personalities that influence people and events on earth. These influences may be determined by mapping their positions in the sky at various points in time.

The History Of Astrology

Astrology appears to be one of the most ancient of the surviving occult sciences, and evidence of highly sophisticated systems in Babylonian, Egyptian and Aztec cultures has survived. For centuries in the West, astrology was a revered method of divination supported by royalty. Nostradamus (see famous tarot readers) used astrology to make predictions in the 16th century that are still being studied today. With the development of science in the 17th century, astrology was relegated to the realm of superstition, but it never fell completely out of favour. Today it is followed by celebrities and the rich and powerful as well as the general public.

Popular astrology is concerned with the reading of a horoscope, a chart of the positions of the planets, moon and stars at the moment of one's birth and interpreting the influence of the planets on human affairs. It is based on the belief that the movements of the celestial bodies affect human potential and other events on earth, such as the moon's influence on the oceans. From your horoscope your zodiac sign can be determined, and this allows an interpretation of what sort of person you are (or will be) as well as what is likely to happen in your future.

Over the years many elaborate systems have been developed to enable astrologers to predict the future through the movement of the planes. More than one system of astrology has developed. For example, Chinese astrology is based on signs, named after animals, which last a year rather than a month, as in Western astrology. Feng shui astrology, also known as nine ki astrology, is a Japanese system. It based on the principles of Feng shui and the concept that there is a constant moving energy force (called ki) that pervades the universe. It is the same force that clairvoyants can use to tap into when giving a psychic reading for a client. It is also the same power that is used for psychic surgery and psychometry readings.

Modern Astrology

In popular Western astrology — the sort that daily appears in magazines and newspapers — the term 'horoscope' is based on the position of an individual's sun sign, or the portion of the zodiac that the sun was passing through when that individual was born. The sun travels through the 12 houses of the zodiac through the course of a year, and so when someone is said to have been born under Aries, he or she was born when the sun was passing through that portion of the zodiac named after the constellation Aries.

Each of the 12 signs has its own personality traits, and the daily positions of the planets affect each sun sign. However, since this method of divination divides the population into 12 different categories many find it difficult to take astrology seriously for character analysis or predictions. That's why serious astrologers use more detailed horoscopes that chart the position of all the heavenly bodies, not just the sun, at the moment of birth. This is known as a birth chart.

Birth Charts

Along with the signs and planets, planetary houses are the basic components of a birth chart. The planets each have a meaning, as does the sign the sun was in at the time of your birth. The twelve divisions of the birth chart are called the astrological or planetary houses and indicate areas of life where the planetary energies become manifest. (Note: these houses can be used to combine astrology with tarot).

The houses carry a theme based on the signs that are part of the natural order of the Zodiac, i.e. Aries equates with the first house, Taurus with the second, Gemini the third, Cancer the fourth, and so on. The planetary effects are interpreted not only in terms of the planets' positions in the zodiac (for instance, the moon in the sign of Cancer means something different from the moon in Aries) but also in terms of the angles that the planets describe in relation to one another. This branch of astrology is the study of planetary aspects.

When carried out using accurate birth information this planetary aspects approach creates an analysis unique to the individual concerned. For this reason it is taken more seriously by some academics and scientists, who believe that it can be useful for counselling and therapy. Psychiatrist Carl Jung began this process when he began to consult the horoscopes of his patients to search for insight. He believed that astrology sprang from the collective unconscious and that it was a symbolic language of inner psychological processes.

Using Astrology

Once the foundations of astrology had been laid, a way was devised to represent the heavens on paper so the positions of all the planets, stars, constellations and houses could be plotted. A circular representation was used with the earth in the centre surrounded by the heavens. The sun was regarded as a planet - although supremely important - and was depicted as revolving around the earth with the rest of the planets.

The Zodiac

The circular chart of the heavens was called a zodiac - which, in old French and Greek, means circle of animal signs - as an animal was chosen to represent each constellation of stars. Originally a zodiac was drawn up only to forecast the outcome of major events and catastrophes, such as a forthcoming flood or plague. Gradually, as events seemed to be linked to a country's ruler; a zodiac chart would be drawn up for the king of the people. This was taken very seriously in China where the succession was determined astrologically: as each child was born to the ruling emperor, a court astrologer would see whether the auspices were right for them to become the heir to the throne. The notion of a personal chart gradually spread from the ruler to his subjects.

Your Personal Chart

As a visual reference to your life the astrology chart is both mathematically intricate and beautifully simple. It shows the exact moment in the history of the universe at which you entered it, and thus begins your own personal history. Your chart could only be identical to someone else's if they were born at the same moment as you and in exactly the same location. The zodiac still shows the earth at the centre and has the 12 constellations, the 12 houses and the planets surrounding it. The additional planets Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were included as they were discovered, and are known as the fixed planets as they move so slowly that they influence a whole generation.

The position of the planets in relation to one another on your birth chart is known as the aspect. Aspects are major or minor depending on their angle relative to one another. This angle determines how they affect you. It is also possible to have an astrology compatibility chart created (combining yours and your partners details) which will help determine how compatible you are together.

How Astrology Works

Astrology is based on the expected turn of events. Around 9,000 years of observations have shown that when planets are in certain positions, some things are much more likely to occur. However; nothing is set in stone, and nothing will guarantee that events will turn out in a particular way, but the probabilities are based on the observations of countless millions of people. The only test of astrology is to try it for yourself and see how accurate it is for you.

Astrology is not really meant for fortune telling, but it can illuminate the basic building blocks of your personality, character and potential, for you to make what you will of. The gravitational and electromagnetic effects of the moon are well known, so what effect may the pull of the planets, the electromagnetic influences of the stars and solar activity have on us? We know the sun can influence radio reception on earth in quite dramatic ways and, despite our sophistication, we are very sensitive creatures. There may be a more scientific basis to astrology than we have yet been able to discover.

What The Skeptics Say

Skeptics argue that astrology's link between planetary position and human destiny is unproven. Several large-scale studies showed no correlation whatsoever between personality characteristics and planetary positions. It even made professional astrologers review their beliefs. Some began to hypnotize that maybe it only works when there is an intuitive or psychic aspect involved in the interpretation (which is difficult to test in lab conditions). Perhaps the astrologer uses the planetary positions as a rough starting point for the interpretation and thereafter intuition takes over.

But then, in the early 1970s, Professor Alan Smithers of Manchester University compiled data from the British population census. It showed that architects tended to be born in the spring, secretaries in the summer, miners in the autumn and electricians in the winter. He also asked members of the British Astrological Association to indicate which signs were associated with the professions of nursing and trade union officials. Without knowing what the BAA had predicted, Smithers conducted a massive survey of nurses and trade unionists and discovered that, just as the astrologers had indicated, there was a statistical bias of nurses being born under the signs of Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Pisces, while trade union officials were born under one or other of the other six signs.

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