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Famous Leos

Halle Berry
Sandra Bullock
Coco Channel
Jennifer Lopez
J.K. Rowling
Hilary Swank
Audrey Tautou
Charlize Theron
Geri Halliwell
Barack Obama
Ben Affleck
Neil Armstrong
Bill Clinton
Patrick Swayze


Leo (23 July-23 August)

leo star sign
Fire Sign: Lion
Personality Traits

Leo is ruled by the Sun, the element Fire and it's symbol is the Lion. Leo's are born leaders, dignified, charismatic, courageous, flamboyant and creative. Those born under this star sign leave you in no doubt that they were, literally, born to rule, that they know best, and that they are in charge! Mostly, this is not a problem since Leo's are good organizers, positive and motivating, but they do have a tendency to be dogmatic and they don't like anyone to disagree with them.

Leo has a burning desire to be at the centre of whatever is going on and they are happiest when they are in charge of their own destiny. Their love of the limelight and their natural flamboyance and creativity means Leo's make wonderful performers and it's no surprise that many famous actors and singers, including Mick Jagger and Madonna, were born under this sign. Also, two out of the last three American Presidents - Clinton and Obama - are Leo.

Leo's are extrovert, warmhearted, positive and kind, when they fall in love it is usually forever, but they are easily hurt when things go wrong so they need to take time choosing a partner and not let their heart rule their head. Creativity and drama play an important part in the life of those born under this zodiac sign and the ideal is to work in an environment that allows your creative talents, your love of the theatrical and your personal charm to shine.

Leo Love Life

Big-hearted Leo with your good looks, charm and exuberant love of life is pretty hard to resist! When Leo walks into a room, everyone else feels a little in the shade, so don't be surprised to find you act like a magnet to the opposite sex! When Leo falls in love, they do so without reservation and that can sometimes be a problem. Those born under this sun sign give their partner their whole love and attention but, they expect to get the same in return. If they don't, they are easily bruised and can be resentful and a little aggressive. Leo's tend to see their partner as an extension of themselves and they like to control the relationship by taking all the decisions. When things don't go your way, you will kick up a fuss but, just like the big pussy cat you are, you will soon be rolling over for a tummy tickle!

Good partners for Leo are the other fire signs, the passionate Aries, the fiery Sagittarius and, of course, the hot, hot, hot Leo!

Leo At Work

Above everything, those born under the sun sign Leo need to exhibit their talents, ideally to an appreciative audience. Like the Lion, Leo needs to be King and to lead from the front - just as that famous Leo, Napoleon Bonaparte did! The ideal career choice for this star sign is anything to do with the performing arts - theatre, film, stage - as a director, actor or agent. Regardless of what career you choose, there is little doubt that your creativity and flair will get you to the top and you are likely to end up running the show. Leo does not perform well in a job where their talents are not acknowledged or where they don't get the promotions they deserve. Leo's make motivating and enthusiastic bosses but can be tough taskmasters.

Leo Family and Friends

As in every area of their life, those born under this astrological sign, needs to be the leader of his family and friends. You are the decision-taker and, since you are always right, why should anyone argue?! But, sometimes they do and this can lead to anger and upset in the home. It's important to back off and give others a chance to assert themselves. Leo's are ruled by the heart and that is true of all their relationships. They offer continuous support (some might see this as pressure) to partners and friends and are excited about their success. Life with a Leo friend is never dull - it's fun, exciting and never short of occasions to celebrate.

Leo Health

Being a high-energy star sign, Leo's biggest danger is in overdoing things - even exercise! The heart, the spine and the back are the body areas ruled by this astrological sign. Exercise and a healthy diet is important to maintain a healthy heart and care should be taken to avoid undue stress. Leo tends to have poor circulation and, as a result, suffers in a cold climate - a good reason to fit in that extra sun holiday! The back and spine are also areas that need special attention, so stretching, yoga and swimming are all good exercise choices.

To Maintain Balance

Give yourself (and others!) a break and don't worry about always being top-dog! Remember that others don't have your drive so try to motivate them without pushing too hard. Leo has a big heart but it has a very soft centre - don't give it away too easily or you could get hurt.


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