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Famous Libras

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(23 September-23 October)

scales of libra symbol
Air Sign: Scales
Personality Traits

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and the element Air. The symbol for this star sign is the Scales. Being born under the element Air means those belonging to this sign are gentle, affectionate, perceptive, sociable, communicative, elegant and like things to be in balance. The most important thing for Librans is personal relationships and when you find the right person to share your life with you achieve the harmony you crave.

One of your fears is loneliness and in an attempt to avoid this horror you may rush into relationships that would be better avoided! Your outgoing and gregarious personality means that you have no difficulty building up a network of friends. And, given that your ruling planet is Venus, you are likely to be extremely attractive and stylish. You are a great friend but you demand a high price for your friendship - woe betide anyone who does not appreciate you!

The biggest obstacle that Librans face, perhaps due to their symbol 'the scale', is indecision. Even though it is good to look at things from a number of different angles, Libra takes this to the extreme! Your inability to take a decision can leave others frustrated and annoyed at having to clear up after you. When Libra loses its sense of balance, the tendency is to be even more passive and extremely lazy. Librans are said to be the 'children of Venus' which tends to make them self-indulgent and just a little selfish.

Libra Love Life

No star sign falls in love quite as often or as easily as Libra! You may only have met the guy (or girl) twice before you are already planning the wedding. You are one of the great romantics but, just like it's important for your friendship to be acknowledged, in a romantic relationship, it is also essential that your partner verbally and physically acknowledges their love. Having you partner cancel a date or simply not being 'in the mood' can feel like a serious rejection the Librans.

For both male and females Librans, your attractive appearance and gregarious manner means that you have no shortage of admirers, but your indecisive nature can make it difficult for you to commit. You are a peace-loving star sign and will do almost anything to avoid a row. This can sometimes make you appear weak in your partners eyes, so don't be afraid to stand up for yourself - doing so will make you more, not less, attractive!

Libra At Work

This is where the 'scale', or 'balance' of this sun sign has real impact and Librans have a wide choice of work environments where they will shine. Their arbitration skills make them brilliant diplomats, judges, liaison officers and they also excel in other legal professions like lawyers and barrister. Those born under this sign do well in any of the glamour industries, including beauty, fashion, stage, film and television. Their gregarious personality makes them stand out from the crowd and it's no surprise to learn that Oscar Wilde was a Libra!

Libra's fear of being alone extends to their work life, so it may be that being the boss or indeed running a one-man business will be too isolating. Libra likes to be surrounded by people, to be admired and appreciated and you make the ideal spokesperson for a company. Your ability to make others feel at their ease is natural and very valuable skill.

Libra Family and Friends

Those born under this astrological sign are excellent listeners which makes them much sought-after as friends. Add to this, Libra's cheerful disposition, uncomplicated nature and endless patience, they are a welcome part of any family or social group. Being renowned diplomats, they will find a solution to most problems (particularly other people's!) and will often be called in to help settle disputes between family members or friends.

Libran's hate to quarrel and will do just about anything to avoid arguments. This is all right some of the time but there are times when you need to deal with unpleasant issues and not run away! You will do almost anything for family and friends but it is essential to you that they acknowledge how wonderful you are - all of the time - and that can make you exhausting to be around!

Libra Health

Balance is everything when it comes to the health of those born under this star sign. Being ruled by the planet Venus means you are blessed with natural beauty, but discipline is not something that comes naturally to you. As a result, your tendency is to over-indulge and ultimately excess weight can steal away those good looks. This is where Libra's natural balance will help and your motto should be 'a little of everything'. The kidneys and adrenal glands are the parts of the body ruled by the star sign Libra and those born under this sign are often prone to kidney infections, kidney stones, chronic headaches and fatigue. If you feel sluggish, depressed and just 'off-colour' much of the time, then don't delay in asking your doctor for a thorough check-up. Despite your dislike of exercise, in order to keep your body in balance, regular activity is essential, and this, together with a healthy balanced diet, and a regular detox, will help you to get the most out of life.

To Maintain Balance

Chill out and (sometimes), don't be so nice!! Nobody is going to love you less for saying what you really feel so don't let your fear of an arguments hold you back. Making a decision is difficult for you but remember that your indecisiveness is one of your least attractive qualities. Go on, feel the fear and do it anyway!


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