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Famous Pisces

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(19 February - 20 March)

pisces symbol
Water Sign: Fish
Personality Traits

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune, the element Water and it's symbol is the Fish. Or, to be precise, Two Fish, connected by a string, each swimming in a different direction, and this symbolizes very accurately the complex Piscean character. In effect, those born under this star sign spend much of their life missing out on opportunities because of being pulled in different directions.

Influenced by the element Water, Pisceans are sympathetic, imaginative, sensitive, self-indulgent, clever, talented, sentimental and altruistic. A Piscean will happily set aside their own personal ambitions in order to care for others - but it may be that they are using this 'sacrifice' as a means of escaping from the reality of the outside world. Pisceans are known as the poets of the zodiac and being ruled by the planet of illusion, Neptune, tend to be dreamy, living in a world of fantasy and mystery. These qualities mean that those born under the sun sign Pisces are often talented musicians, artists or writers - Michelangelo and Renoir being two examples of Piscean artistic talent!

Their dreamy nature and over-active imagination tends to make Pisceans born worriers and these unfounded worries can sap their energy and enthusiasm, and gives way to insecurity, restlessness and a lack of self-reliance. Ideally, Pisceans need a strong partner who will push them into organizing their lives and achieving their goals.

Pisces Love Life

Ruled by their emotions, Pisceans are loving and generous to their partners, sometimes to the extent of smothering them with love! You are a born romantic, sentimental and imaginative, and with the right partner - someone who appreciates your romanticism - you will live the 'happy ever after' dream! However, Pisceans tend to put all their sexual energies into the first flush of a relationship but this phase quickly passes and settles into a (romantic) companionship rather than a passionate one. The tendency to fantasize stretches to all areas of Pisces' life, making it difficult for them to face reality. In relationships, this can lead to upset and disappointment when they are forced to remove their rose-tinted glasses and realize that their partner is not entirely perfect! Cancer, Scorpio and other Pisceans are the ideal match for someone born under this star sign.

Pisces At Work

Pisces sensitive nature and desire to care for others means that those born under this sun sign are drawn to the caring professions and make excellent doctors, nurses, welfare officers or counsellors. Their love of beauty and drama, in addition to their vivid powers of imagination, draws Pisceans to the world of art, film and stage. They may not be completely comfortable being the centre of attention but are drawn to script-writing, film directing, costume or scene designing. Because of their love of mystery, Pisceans also make good detectives or private investigators. Being part of a big company does not appeal to those born under this zodiac sign and anything that allows them to work in their own time and space will allow their creative talents to flourish. Not being self-motivators and tending towards indecision, Pisceans, more than any other horoscope sign, benefit from having a mentor who will direct, motivate and encourage them.

Pisces Family and Friends

Your romantic nature extends to family and friends in just the same way as to a partner. You work hard to make relationships function happily but you need to avoid the tendency to insist that everyone shares your views or, if they don't, you will sulk! You will do anything to avoid confrontation and, as a parent, this can lead to trouble controlling children. You are a born 'fence-sitter' and this inability to make a decision is the single most annoying and frustrating trait as far as family and friends are concerned. If Pisceans can overcome this weakness, they make wonderful, caring and understanding friends. Be aware that your true best friend is someone who encourages you to stand on your own feet.

Pisces Health

The areas of the body associated with those born under this astrological sign are the feet and the nervous system. Given your vulnerable and sensitive nature and tendency to worry excessively, you are prone to headaches, upset stomach and depression. When Pisceans are faced with disappointments in their life they tend to withdraw into themselves and suffer from low energy and lethargy. This star sign is affiliated with addiction, and Pisceans need to be extra careful about what medication they take, and should avoid excessive alcohol. Seeking alternative remedies for minor conditions is a good idea for those born under this star sign. Many Pisceans have problems with their feet and need to pay extra attention to ensure they always wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes.

To Maintain Balance

Find ways of developing your creative talents as doing so will give you confidence to face the 'real' world. Don't stress about making the 'right' decision, remember that any decision is better than none!


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