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Famous Scorpios

Scarlett Johansson
Vivien Leigh
Julia Roberts
Tilda Swinton
Leonardo DiCaprio
Prince Charles
Joaquin Phoenix
Michael Collins
Gordon Ramsay
Martin Sorsese


(24 October - 22 November)

scorpio star sign symbol
Water Sign: Scorpio
Personality Traits

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto and the element Water. The symbol for this star sign is probably one of the best known of all astrological signs - the stinging and dangerous Scorpio! Belonging to the Water element, Scorpio's passionate nature is often compared to a deep well which can contain the source of life (the good Scorpio). Yet, we know that water can be easily polluted and when it is, it can be a source of disease and destruction (the bad Scorpio).

Since Scorpio is associated with the sexual organs, it has long been held that this star sign is driven solely by the physical and, while it is true that Scorpios are magnetic, intense, mysterious and charismatic, there is much more to them than that! Those born under this astrological sign can never be accused of being a shrinking violet! They are masterful, self-confident, extremist, inspirational and dramatic.

Of all the star signs, Scorpio must find an outlet for his or her excessive mental and physical energy. If they don't, then the demons within - jealousy, violence, rebelliousness, anti-social behaviour - emerge and lead to a deep unhappiness. Finding ways to use your awesome powers, your creativity and intelligence is the only way to counteract these negative qualities.

Scorpio Love Life

When it comes to love and relationships, jealousy is the scourge of Scorpio's life - or perhaps we should say, of their partner's life! Those born under this star sign are passionate, loyal and sensitive. However, even though being loved by a Scorpio can be exciting and intense, that very intensity can also kick up a storm! Not only is this sun sign jealous of potential threats from their partner's (imaginary) admirers, but they may be equally jealous of anyone, including work colleagues, friends, or anyone whom their partner comes into contact with in their day-to-day life.

Scorpios are private people and do not particularly enjoy being part of a crowd. They feel much more comfortable in small, intimate groups of people who they have known for a long time. When someone born under this astrological sign sets their cap at a member of the opposite sex, they leave no stone unturned until they conquer the object of their desire! And, since your good looks and sensuality make you pretty much irresistible, you are rarely disappointed.

Scorpio At Work

There are very few areas of work where Scorpio will not succeed but there are a number of careers where you will not only succeed but excel. Scorpios thrives on mystery and intrigue and they have an innate curiosity, all of which makes them brilliant detectives, private investigators or researchers. As it happens, Scorpio also make pretty good criminals, an example being the notorious mobster John Gotti, who was Boss of the Gambino crime family in New York City.

Science and technology is another area where this sun sign excels and it's no surprise to hear that Bill Gates, the most famous computer entrepreneur in the world, is a Scorpio. Scorpio is also the sign of big business and you will find many people born under this sign wheeling and dealing in the world of high finance, working as stockbrokers, investment bankers, tax consultants and industrialists. Scorpio loves to be in control, so running their own business is always a good option.

Scorpio Family and Friends

Even though those born under this star sign are reluctant to share their feelings and can come across as loners, they are happier when they are part of a close-knit family unit. They are supportive and encouraging to friends and family and take pleasure in their success. However, the elephant in the corner is always their old friend jealousy and families can be split apart by this negative and useless emotion. Finding interests outside the home will help to use up some of your abundant energy and help to relieve any tensions in the home. You will go a long way before finding a partner or friend who is as loyal as Scorpio and once they become your friend, they are your friend for life.

Scorpio Health

A build up of tension, together with high levels of physical and mental energy, can have an impact on the health of Scorpio. This makes it particularly important for this star sign to take regular exercise but care should be taken not to overdo things as intense exercise can trigger hernias. The part of the body ruled by Scorpio is the sexual and reproductive organs. Men born under this star sign should check the genitals regularly and should not hesitate to seek medical advice if they have any concerns. Overall, Scorpios are robust and have strong constitutions but blockages, both physical and psychological, can cause a number of minor conditions, including constipation. A healthy high-fibre diet and lots of water is the best way for Scorpio to stay healthy.

To Maintain Balance

Let go of the jealousy and you will change your life. Because you have such a vivid imagination almost all your 'reasons' for being jealous are, literally, all in the mind! Finding ways of using up all that mental and physical energy is the road to a happy and fulfilled life.


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