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What is an audio?
How long is the audio?
Can I listen to it on my phone or Ipad? - See simple steps
Can I listen to it on my computer? - See simple steps
I didn't get an email after buying.
I don't have a paypal account.
My paypal email address is not current anymore.
I can't hear the audio.
It says my link has expired.
How to find downloads on my computer.


What Is An Audio?

It is a recording of a person's voice - rather like you are listening to someone on the radio. This audio was made in a professional recording studio and is of excellent sound quality.


How Long Is The Audio?

The audio All You Need To Know About Angels is 55 minutes long. I talk to you for about 35 minutes about angels, and the remaining 20 minutes is a deeply relaxing meditation.


Can I Listen To It On My Phone Or Ipad?

Yes, after purchasing the audio you will be emailed a link. When you click on the link from your phone or Ipad it will immediately start to play. You can't download audio's to mobile devices - so if you want to listen to it later, you have two options, either:

- Just click on the link you are emailed when you are ready to listen. See: Simple steps to listening with phone/iPad.

- Or use a computer. You can download the audio permanently to your computer. Simply click the link in your email when you are on your computer. See next question for more on computers.


Can I Listen To It On My Computer?

Yes, after purchasing the audio you will be emailed a link. When you click on the link your computer (or laptop) will automatically start downloading it. This means the audio will be saved on your computer permanently and you can listen to it forever! See: Simple steps to downloading using a computer.


I Didn't Get An Email After Buying

Have you checked your JUNK mail? You should receive the email with your link to the audio within minutes of purchasing. If you paid by PAYPAL, the link will be sent to the email registered on your Paypal account. If you no longer have access to that email account, please contact me and I'll send the link to your new email address.


I Don't Have A Paypal Account

That's ok, when you hit the purchase button you will be taken to Paypal and given the option to pay without an account.


My Paypal Email Address Is Not Current Anymore

The best thing to do is choose the option to pay without an account when you are taken to Paypal. This allows you to enter your credit card details and a new email address.


I Can't Hear The Audio?

Have you checked the volume on your device or computer? Usually it's a simple fix like this.


It Says My Link Has Expired?

If you are listening to the audio on a mobile device, you can listen to it 9 times before the link expires. If you want to save it permanently you need to do so to a computer (you can't save files to mobile devices). If you click the link using a computer, it will automatically download. If you don't have a computer, contact me with the email address you used to buy the audio and I'll reactivate the link for you.


How To Find Downloads On My Computer

If you have downloaded the audio to your computer, but don't know how to find your downloads, simply do this:

1. Hit on the Microsoft symbol on the bottom left of your screen.

2. In the box "search programs and files" type introduction_to_angels.mp3

3. The file will appear in your screen. Simply double click it.

MAC Computers

1. Click the SPOTLIGHT button at the top right of your screen.

2. Type the name of the file introduction_to_angels.mp3 and click enter.

3. The file will appear, click on it.


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