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What Is Channelling?

Channelling is the method through which a person communicates information from spirits and other non-physical beings, such as angels, deities or spirit guides, by entering into a trance or some other altered state of consciousness. Channelling has become very popular during the past few years, although it has been practiced for many centuries. In channelling, the person acts as a channel for the information. Some people do this purely for themselves, by channelling information that only applies to them. Others do it on a much broader basis. For instance, an energy healer might channel specific information about her patients physical condition or treatment and pass this on to him, or someone might establish a firm link with a particular entity and publish the information in the form of a book (automatic writing).

Is It The Same As Mediumship?

Mediumship is similar to channelling in that the medium (or sensitive) is receiving information from the spirit realms. However, mediumship is usually directed at a particular person, the medium gets in touch with this persons dead relatives or friends. Not everyone has the ability to be a medium as it calls for very specific psychic abilities. Channelling, on the other hand, is available to anyone who wants to practice it, and often involves getting in touch with spirit entities who are not known to those who are either performing or witnessing the channelling. It therefore has a much more impersonal feel than mediumship, although that does not make it any less important or valuable. In fact, many people channel information without realizing it. Writers sometimes talk about the inspiration for a book coming out of nowhere, and that they feel the words were being dictated to them by a higher source. If you have ever surprised yourself by saying something immensely profound without any conscious effort, thought or knowledge, you may have been channelling that information.

History Of Channelling

The urge to communicate with the spirit world is as old as humankind itself. In primitive cultures certain individuals — priests, shamans (see shamanism) or witch doctors - would seek out the wisdom of the spirit world. The ancient Egyptians and Romans, as well as the early Chinese, Babylonians, Tibetans, Assyrians and Celts, all channelled spirits and entities, and holy men and women of Judaism, Christianity and Islam received divine guidance. Divination and energy healing are both forms of channelling, as is possession, when an entity seizes control of an individual. In the Middle Ages possession was seen as demonic rather than divine. In the 19th and 20th centuries, when spiritualism was at its height, channelling grew in popularity. The Fox sisters, three young women from New York, first brought public attention to channelling in 1848 when they announced the arrival of spirits in their seances. After spiritualism declined in the early 20th century, channelling did not receive widespread attention again until the early 1970s, when Jane Roberts published the Seth books, which were channelled to her by a non-physical entity called Seth.

Channelling Methods

Different mediums have different ways of channeling for the purpose of mediumship. Sometimes it happens when the channeller falls into a sudden trancelike state, or it can be induced. Methods to induce channelling include meditation, prayer, hypnosis, fasting, chanting, dancing, breath exercises, sleep deprivation and taking hallucinogenic drugs.

Direct voice channelling occurs when another entity or personality takes temporary possession of the channeller's body, often using voices and mannerisms different from those of the channeller. The channeller may be unaware of what is being said or done and may not recall anything afterwards. Mental channelling, the mediation of thoughts, words, images and feelings, is also done in a state of light trance, but this time the channeller is aware of the process. The channeller's voice may or may not change, and he or she may communicate through automatic writing, a Ouija board or similar device, or even sleep or dreams (see dream interpretation). Physical channelling (also called physical mediumship) involves physical effects such as psychic healing, apports and levitation. In the wider sense of the term, channelling could also include intuition, inspiration and imagination, and as such it becomes a way for everyone to connect to a higher source of wisdom.

How Does Channelling Work?

A number of theories have been put forward to explain channelling. The simplest is that channellers do actually get in touch with the spirit world. Others believe that channelling is symptomatic of multiple personality disorder. The trouble with the latter argument is that mentally ill people do not tend to have control over their communicators, but channellers typically do. The view advanced by some psychologists is that channelled entities are not separate entities but part of the channeller's subconscious that takes on the personality of an entity in order to express itself.

Many psychics (myself included) believe that channelling is a skill anyone can learn and that it shouldn't just be the preserve of professional mediums. It's important to remember that everyone will have a different experience of channelling, and the insights received may come in any number of different forms. It is up to the individual to translate and interpret.

Famous Examples Of Channelling

Many books have been channelled via spirit entities. They cover a wide range of styles, from the wordy and sometimes impenetrable to the chatty and easily accessible. There is something, it seems, for everyone. You may even have read some books without realizing that they were channelled, because sometimes there is no clue about their origins on the cover. Below are a few examples of celebrated spiritual teachers whose work is channelled. Others include Ramtha, who claims to be the spirit of a 35,000-year-old warrior from Atlantis and is channelled by J. Z. Knight; Emmanuel, who was channelled by Pat Rodegast; and Lazaris, a non-physical entity who channels through Jach Pursel.

White Eagle
Grace Cooke was a British medium who first connected with the spirit entity, White Eagle, as a child at the start of the 20th century. This close connection gradually evolved into a lifelong working partnership in which Grace Cooke channelled White Eagle's teachings, both in talks and books. White Eagle says he is the spokesman for a group known as the Star Brotherhood. The White Eagle Lodge was founded in London in 1936, partly as a result of a series of messages from a spirit claiming to be Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Other Lodges were founded around the world in the ensuing years.

Seth is the spirit entity who channelled his teachings through Jane Roberts for more than 20 years until her death in 1984. She worked while in a trance, and the first Seth book, The Seth Material, was published in 1970. Seth also wrote his own book, Seth Speaks, in which he dictated exactly what he wanted to say. He taught that we all create our own reality and are therefore entirely responsible for it.


Abraham is the name given to a group of spiritual teachers who are working through Esther Hicks. She has channelled several books and CDs, including Ask and It Is Given, and also holds workshops. Abraham teaches prosperity work.

A Course In Miracles
This book was channelled by Dr Helen Schucman, a research psychologist, and was first published in 1975. She was an atheist when she began the work and resented the Christian language of what she was channelling, but gradually became more accepting of it. There are claims — although not from Dr Schucman — that the book was channelled from Jesus Christ. A Course in Miracles teaches how to tell the difference between our inner wisdom and our egos.

Silver Birch
The non-physical entity known as Silver Birch claims to have lived over 3000 years ago. Silver Birch's teachings were channelled by Maurice Barbanell, who was the founder and editor of Psychic News in Britain. Together, they produced several books about the existence of life after death.

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