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Crystal Balls

What Is A Crystal Ball?

A crystal ball is a tool used to help diviners go into a psychic trance. The crystal ball is perhaps the best-known tool for divination. Most people assume it is the ball that has the power, but it is not. The secrets revealed do not come from the ball but rather the technique of scrying. Scrying involves keeping your eyes open while staring into a shiny, reflective surface to induce a form of meditation or self-hypnosis - the prime state for opening awareness to clairvoyance and psychic insight.

Scrying and crystal gazing practitioners were found in ancient times throughout Mesopotamia and among the Druids and other peoples of Europe and in China. Some were famed for their fortune telling abilities. Today, scryers most commonly use crystal balls of 3 to 6 inches in diameter for a psychic reading. The ideal crystal ball is made of quartz, not glass, because quartz crystal is thought to increase psychic energy. A crystal ball can be expensive, expect to pay anywhere up to €200 for a larger sized one.

learning how to use a crystal ball

How To Choose A Crystal Ball

Shamans (see shamanism) instruct their students to listen to rocks, because rocks and stones, they say, can talk. When choosing a crystal ball, hold the various options available in the shop one at a time in your hands. Which do you feel most drawn to? Does one feel more comforting than any other? If so, that is the one you are meant to buy. You will know instinctively. When you take your ball home, perform a standard crystal cleaning exercise to clear it of any negative energy it may have picked up in the store. When not in use you should keep your ball covered with a dark cloth to protect it from unwanted energy.

Learn How To Use Crystal Balls

Find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed and, holding your crystal in your hand, begin slow rhythmic breathing. Focus on what the problem is or on what you want to know about. As you hold the crystal, feel it coming to life. Imagine the electrical energy within it growing stronger, helping to stimulate your psychic vision. Hold the crystal so you can look into it easily. Don't stare intently into it, just look at it with a soft gaze — the kind of stare you have when daydreaming. Stay relaxed, and as you look into the crystal pay attention to its formation.

Turn your crystal slowly in your hand so you can see how the light plays through it in different ways. As images begin to form, ask yourself what they mean to you. Pay attention to the emotions you feel, and trust them (clairsentience). When you are ready, close your eyes, take some deep breaths and come back to the here and now.

Crystal gazing takes time and practice, but in time you will probably see clouds appearing and disappearing and images becoming clearer. Eventually detailed scenarios may even start to appear in your crystal, leading to great psychic vision.

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