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What is karma and how does it affect the way you live your life?

Energy Healing

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing has been practiced by people for thousands of years. There is nothing new about it, despite the current proliferation of healing techniques and healing schools. Put very simply, energy healing is the practice of changing someone's physical, emotional, mental or spiritual state by altering the energy around them. Healing always brings change of some sort, although it may be on a level that the patient is not expecting.

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We are all healers, although most of us don't realise it. If you have ever comforted a tearful child who has hurt themself, you have given healing. Maybe you gave them a hug, rubbed a bumped elbow or told them that you would kiss it better. Those are all forms of healing. We often talk of doctors having a 'good bedside manner', which means that they comfort and reassure their patients. Even before the doctor writes out a prescription, the patient starts to feel better. There are many possible psychological reasons for this, but there is also the distinct possibility that the doctor is a natural healer, which is why he was initially drawn to the medical profession. Unfortunately this doesn't mean that everyone working in medicine is motivated primarily by the desire to heal: some people are looking for other gratification, such as power, status or financial gain.

Does Energy Healing Always Work?

Healing always creates some form of change, so it always works at some level. Some people experience miraculous cures when given healing. These cures are often so dramatic that they appear to defy the laws of conventional medicine, usually resulting in bewildered doctors believing that they were mistaken in their original diagnoses. Other people experience definite relief from their symptoms, but don't have a complete cure. Some find little physical benefit from the healing, but discover that other areas of their lives start to improve or that long-standing problems are suddenly resolved. There are no guarantees about how healing will affect a patient, just as there are no guarantees about how he will respond to conventional medicine.

10 Signs Of A Natural Healer

These are signs I have noted in my own observations of healers, and would like to share them with you. If you can say yes to 8 or more you may be a natural healer:

1. You feel the need to touch those who are upset or in pain.
2. You can sense when a person is ill before they know it.
3. You can see auras (fuzzy lights) around people.
4. You attract needy people.
5. You sense your purpose in life is to help others.
6. You love animals.
7. The very old and the very young smile at you, they spot something in you that others don't.
8. People feel boosted by being with you and you feel drained.
9. You believe in the power of the mind to heal the body.
10. You are generous with hugs, kind words and smiles.
11. You find it difficult to conform, particularly as you get older.
12. You mirror other people's behaviour - e.g. if you talk slow, so do they.

So how did you do?
If you received 8 or higher, check out my test: Am I psychic?

Types Of Energy Healing

Healing takes many forms. There is simple psychic or energy healing, which involves the healer channelling energy from a higher source and transferring it to the aura of the patient. There is the power of prayer, in which someone prays that healing will take place. A similar technique is to invoke a religious figure, such as saying, 'Jesus Christ manifests perfect order in me now'. Affirmations or positive statements, such as 'I have perfect health now', can also bring about healing. There are other healing techniques as well, such as healing with crystals, flower remedies or chakra meditations. In fact, all complementary therapies (including reiki), as well as all conventional treatments, have the potential to create healing.

Who Does The Healing?

Most energy healers believe that their healing ability is channelled through them from a higher power to their patients. They believe that they act as a conduit, not as the source of healing itself. Some healers disagree with this, believing that they are the actual source of the healing power, they are not channeling it. However, the role of the patient is also essential, because energy healing nudges the patient's body into healing itself.

There are many different names for healing, including 'spiritual healing', 'psychic healing' and 'faith healing'. I'm not sure how useful these names are, for example:

Spiritual healing implies that spirits are involved, which can be off putting for some people.
Psychic healing can sound equally scary to someone who is unnerved by the thought of psychic powers. Psychic surgery is a more invasive method of psychic healing.
Faith healing suggests that the healing will only work on people with sufficient faith, or with a particular belief.

Energy healing is a better description of how healing works, because it acknowledges the essential role that energy plays in the process. It is a three-way process between the patient, the healer and the higher source to which the healer connects. Healers have different names for this source according to their own spiritual beliefs; they might refer to it as God, the Universe or the Source.

Caution: Giving healing without linking to a higher source can sometimes lead to fatigue in the healer - because they are using their own physical energy rather than channelling it.

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