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The art of 'clear seeing', how clairvoyants see spirits. Plus exercises to improve your clairvoyancy skills.

Fortune Telling

What Is Fortune Telling?

A fortune teller is a person who predicts the future. We have a long history of fortune telling in Ireland, primarily associated with gypsies and travellers, but also within the settled community in the form of tea-leaf reading. Fortune telling is basically the same as divination. There are many different methods fortune tellers use to divine the future, including:

Tarot cards.
Astrology reading using the stars.
Clairvoyance using spiritual connections.
I-Ching, throwing sticks or coins to see a meaning.
Oneiromancy, dream interpretation.
Palmistry: by lines and mounds on the hand.
Scrying looking into reflective objects like crystals balls or mirrors for images.
• Necromancy or mediumship, invoking souls of the dead.
Numerology, discovering patterns and meanings in numbers.

What Is The Best Way To Tell Fortunes?

There is no one correct way of divining the future, Tarot cards for example are not necessarily more accurate than astrology. What is important is that they are both tools which allow the reader to tap into their unconscious and pick up 'messages' from cosmic energy fields. Readers usually find they are naturally attracted to one type of divination tool over another. The desire to know our own fortune is as old as time. Humans have always been fascinated by what is in store for them. When most people ask for a reading, what they really mean is they want to know what is in store for them. But the Tarot cards offer so much more than simple fortune telling. They can offer insight into a situation which is currently, or may soon affect your life. They can reveal hidden agendas, how other people view the situation and what is the likely outcome given a specific action. Not only that, but they can tell you what your life's purpose is and what karmic lesson you need to resolve in this life. When you think about it, isn't that just as exciting?

How Do You Used Tarot For Fortune Telling?

It is widely recognized by occultists and diviners that Tarot cards always give an accurate response to questions about the future. When a question regarding either the past, present or future is asked the reader will choose a specific Tarot spread to determine the response. They will set out a series of cards in the spread’s formal pattern and then study the results. Some readers study the cards based on their face value and images, whereas others will use psychic powers to read at a deeper level (see psychic reading). It is not really clear how an experienced Tarot reader can see into the future. Personally I think it is because the future already exists and that the cards allow me to tap into a stream of consciousness that I otherwise could not access. The presence of the cards and a level of psychic awareness lift me into a higher stream of consciousness. The Tarot pack is like a machine that has been put into the hands of ordinary men and women which allows them to briefly escape into a spiritual world where the past and future are gathered.

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