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How To Be A Healer

What Does It Mean To Be A Healer?

A healer is sometimes called a psychic healer, energy healer, spiritual or faith healer. Healing involves the treatment of illness (mental or physical) by channelling psychic or spiritual power through the healer into another person. While some healing is instant other patients require several treatments. It is not the healer than heals - rather they act as a channel or vessel for higher sources of power to do the healing. While most people can tap into this power to some extent, most good healers are born with special natural talents. Typically the healer is often drawn to healing and is, perhaps unconsciously, drawn to situations where they can heal. Healing powers can also come later in life if a person spiritually grows and attends classes by another healer.

How Healing Works

There is plenty of evidence to show that psychic/spiritual healing works, but how is not yet known. It is likely that consciousness plays a part. Quantum psychics has demonstrated that the universe is made of invisible energy, and that all living things are connected to each other by this energy. It may be that a healer can change the vibration of this energy to perform healings. But, there are other factors too:
• Certain places, such as Lourdes in France, are thought to have extra large amounts of universal life force (the energy that pervades all living things) which healers can tap into.
• An open attitude on the part of the patient is also believed to make it easier for the healer to transmit energy.
• Additionally, if the healer and the patient are relaxed it is thought to be helpful.
• The healer should be filled with love and compassionate thoughts.
• The healer should ask for help from a higher source and give recognition and thanks for it.


There are numerous different types healing techniques - Reiki, psychic surgery, vibrational healing, angel therapy and so on. You may end up practicing one specialty or several. But before worrying too much about which therapy you practice, I strongly recommend you work on your foundation skill. That is, your psychic awareness and clairvoyant vision. It is by accessing these skills you draw on the universal energy needed to heal. Whatever technique you use thereafter to practice your energy healing is, in a way, just the detail. Many good healers slip into a trance (altered state of consciousness) when they are healing. Psychologist Lawrence LeShaun, who conducted numerous experiments in the 1960s on psychic healers, called this trance ‘clairvoyant reality’ - a shift in the way you see and understand the world. To reach this state, it is recommended that you practice meditation regularly.

Your Action Plan


The first thing you need to do is read about healing in general, so you can understand the subject and know what you are aiming to achieve. I recommend the following books (you can buy them on Amazon.co.uk):

• Essential Psychic Healing: A Complete Guide to Healing Yourself, Healing Others, and Healing the Earth by Diane Stein. Helps you tap into the potent healing power of your own psychic energies. For the beginner, there is theory and instruction in basic meditation, visualization, kundalini energy, chakras, and auras. For the intermediate, you learn to utilize spirit guides and angels, and how to use healing crystals, hands-on healing methods, emotional release work, and remote healing. An advanced program explains healing karma and past lives, soul retrieval, releasing entities, spirit attachments, and understanding and aiding the death process.
• Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, David Feinstein. This book shows you how to help heal yourself and others using the body's own natural energies.
• DreamHealer: A True Story of Miracle Healings by Adam. DreamHealer was originally self-published by Adam when he was 16, and became a bestseller. The book tells the story of how the author came to discover his unique energy healing abilities.
• Hands That Heal by Echo Bodine. Echo Bodine is a healer and psychic and shares her experiences.


In this section I recommend some basic exercises (originally developed by William Hewitt). You are aware of your 5 senses - seeing (eyes), hearing (ears), touching (sense of being touched), smell (nose) and taste (mouth). Our sixth sense (mind) is also known as the psychic sense. This is the sense most healers use to detect illness in their clients. However, before going on to develop your sixth sense, you need to first look at developing the first 5 senses because our sixth sense utilises all 5 of those senses.

Seeing (Clairvoyance)

At night, with no lights on, look around your bedroom and identify the shapes you see. As you identify each shape say “this is what a (name the object) looks like in the dark. I am sensitising my sight to recognise objects accurately in the dark and under any lighting situation”. In so doing, you are training your psychic mind to accurately observe your environment. You are instructing your subconscious mind to alert you to everything you need to know so that your psychic capacity can function fully. Perform this exercise once a night for 7 days.

Hearing (Clairaudience)

When you go to bed, lie quietly for a few minutes. In bed we usually tune out sounds unless they are so loud or unusual we are forced to hear them. Instead, concentrate on all the sounds you hear and try to identify them. If you hear a vehicle passing, work out if it is a car, truck, or bike. Can you hear voices outside, do they sound male or female, young or old? Be aware of sounds, instruct your ears to pick up everything. Perform this exercise once a night for 7 days (but only exercise one sense at a time. So start this exercise once you have completed the seeing exercise).

Smelling (Clairsentience)

For one week, make a conscious effort to be aware of smells around you. Open a few containers of spices in your kitchen and sniff them. Sniff the air when you put petrol in your car. When you are in the office, be conscious of smells in your environment. Say to yourself “I am sensitising my sense of smell for use in my psychic development”.


You are more likely to make psychic use of your sense of touch if you go on to develop mediumship or work with psychic (energy) healing. The best way to open your awareness is to spend an hour touching different objects and mentally noting how they feel - glassware, furniture, food and so on.


You may have read about psychics who develop a taste in their mouth while working with a client. For example, if they suddenly develop a taste of stale cigarettes it may be a message from the other world that the client needs to give up smoking. For a few days, make a mental note every time you eat and drink something - “I am now tasting (name the food) and am sensitising my sense of taste for my psychic development”.


To be a psychic healer, you need to open your sixth sense. Your sixth sense is the part of you that acts like a finely tuned radio receptor. Once it is working properly you can tune into a higher vibrational radio wave and gleam lots of knowledge from it. It connects to the psychic energy of people around you, as well as those in the world of spirit. So how do we heighten our receptivity? By changing our own vibration so that we become more sensitive to energy. One way to do this is to open our chakras. Chakras are wheels of energy located along the midline of the body. They supply much of the colour and energy of our aura.


When you feel ready, you will start thinking about training in a particular field/technique of energy healing. There are lots of different types/techniques and to begin with, you should do some research and see which appeals to you the most. I also recommend you go and have the treatment you are considering first before committing yourself to a course. I have listed below some courses which may be of interest to you - this list is by no means definitive, but it will act as a starting point for you. I have no affiliation with any of the institutions below, they are for information purposes only.

Hands On Healing

This includes any form of energy healing that requires the practitioner to use their hands:

www.reiki.ie www.reikifed.co.uk


Therapeutic Touch

Healing Touch

Full Spectrum Vibrational Energy Healingwww.clayhuthealingcentre.com

Acupuncture and Ayurveda medicine also fall into this category.

Spiritual Healing

This type of healing relies on your ability to connect with the ‘other world’ and includes:

Angel Therapy

Angelic Multidimensional Healing

Crystal Therap

Psychic Surgery

Pet Healing

Using your abilities to tune into animals and heal them. You may for example train in something like Reiki but choose to focus your gifts on animals rather than people.

Past Life Regression

Past life regression uses hypnosis to regress the client to one or several past lives. It may be they have issues from a past life that require healing in the present life. www.pastliferegression.co.uk

Other Recommended Reading

• You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay
• Heal Your Body, by Louise Hay
• Saved by the Light by Dannion Brinkley. After being electrocuted by a bolt of lightning, Brinkley died. When he revived 28 minutes later in a morgue, he had the story of a lifetime to tell- a profoundly moving account of what happened to him during his near-death experience.
• Communication With All Life, How to understand and talk to animals by Joan Ranquet.
• Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian L. Weiss. All about reincarnation.
• Pendulum Magic for Beginners: Tap Into Your Inner by Richard Webster.
• The Angel Therapy Handbook by Doreen Virtue.
• The Lightworker's Way: Awakening Your Spiritual Power to Know and Heal by Doreen Virtue
• Heaven and Earth: Making the Psychic Connection by James Van Praagh • Psychic Navigator: Harnessing Your Inner Guidance by John Holland
• Proud Spirit by Rosemary Altea, tells how we can help people pass over without fear.
• The Story of Edgar Cayce: There is a River by Thomas Sugrue.


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