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Improve Your Intuition: Exercises

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You are an intuitive creature ....

Your intuition is like a muscle, the more it is exercised, the stronger and more accurate it becomes ....

So lets continue with this exercise: Look at my 3 statues below (they are pretty aren't they!) . One has a crystal under it. Try to SENSE which one the crystal is under. Crystals act as magnets ... which statue are you magnetically being pulled towards? Go with your first instinct, if you try to look for clues in the picture, your mind is working and you are not using your intuition (and by the way, there are no clues!).

Bonus point: What COLOUR is the crystal?

Intuition test with crystal

Now scroll down for the answer .....

Intuition answer

Did you get it? Well done!!
And the bonus points? The green crystal is called a JADE stone. Jade is known as the DREAM STONE, it allows us to connect better with the spirit world through our dreams and daydreams. Traditionally it is also used as a good luck charm, assuring you of a long and healthy life. It dispels negative energy and allows you to see the goodness and potential within yourself (important if you're particularly good at beating yourself up!).


Test designed personally by Karina for you.

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