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What Is Karma?

Karma is a Hindu word which literally means 'action' but has come to mean 'cause and effect' or as the Bible might say 'as ye sow, so shall ye reap; as ye do unto others, so shall it be done unto you'. Karma is based on the idea of reincarnation. That is, that there is an essence, soul, entity (it has different names) in all of us that keeps coming back to earth in different human bodies for the sake of experience. Consider it like a student who returns to the same school hundreds of times until they ultimately pass their exams. Each time the entity returns it comes back with a specific lesson in mind and it takes on an identity most suitable to achieve this goal. Each new incarnation is governed by the rules of Karma which determines the lesson to be learnt. Each successive life will reflect the merits and demerits of past-life behavior - so the worse you behaved in a past life, the more unpleasant the lesson you need to learn in the next. The ultimate aim is to achieve complete enlightenment and to return to the Source from where your soul originally came (some people call the Source, God). But as far as we know this could take millennium and hundreds of incarnations. In fact, in India it is thought that each soul reincarnates 840,000 times! Perhaps it does take that many attempts to perfect our character. Each time we are born the voice of our soul is 'lost' in the physical senses of the new body. Intuitively rediscovering this inner voice is like discovering your life path or life purpose.

What Are The Rules Of Karma?

According to readings by the famous psychic Edgar Cayce, the following rules apply to karma:

1. Karma is not purely negative. It has two aspects: continual learning on the path to enlightenment and retribution for previous acts of cruelty.

2. Talents and abilities cultivated in one life tend to persist in succeeding lives. However, sometimes their expression may be inhibited by other karmic life circumstances. For example, even though you may be ‘naturally’ very good at learning languages if you don’t have the financial means to travel in this life, you won’t have opportunities to exercise your talent.

3. Traits of character, interests and attitudes (towards religion, race, politics, sex, animals etc) tend to persist in succeeding lives. Extroversion and shyness also tend to persist unless karma steps in and requires you to change.

4. According to the retributive aspect of karma, any action that is "evil," or harmful to the well-being of any other unit of life, is exactly "punished" in a manner proportionate to and appropriate to the original harm done.

5. Three kinds of retributive karma are distinguished in the Cayce readings:
a) Boomerang: A man who blinded others in the past finds himself blind in the present.
b) Organismic: A man who eats to excess in one life-time can suffer from digestive problems in the next.
c) Symbolic: A person who "turned deaf ears" to others plea for help in a past life is literally deaf in the present.

6. Mockery and criticism of others can invoke psychological and physical retribution; you suffer the same thing that you have mocked or criticized in others.

7. If you cheat on a partner in this life it can lead to you being cheated on in the next.

8. Karma is sometimes "suspended" so to speak, for several lifetimes. Cruelty committed by a life you led in the 1900s for example can remain unpaid for 5 or 6 intervening lives, and may finally be met in the present life.

9. The suspension of karma seems to be necessary for three basic reasons:
a. The culture epoch or era must be appropriate to the payment of the debt.
b. The entity needs to develop sufficient inner resources and strength to handle the karma and learn its lesson.
c. The entity may need to pay the debt to other entities and therefore must wait until such time as they are also incarnated. So if someone is particularly cruel to you in this life, they have to wait until you are reincarnated before they can return to pay you back.

10. Unexplained fears can be traced in some cases to past-life experiences. For example phobias of certain animals, closed places and water are sometimes due to terrifying experiences or even death associated with these objects. Recurrent dreams and hallucinations can also in some cases refer to past-life experiences.

11. Every soul has freedom of will. Freedom of will is interfered with by the karmic laws of life only when the will has been selfishly misused.

12. A soul is magnetically drawn to parents who can give it the environment it needs to fulfill its new life task.

13. Your unconscious stores the records and buried memories of every experience your entity has ever been through, in all of its many existences. This is the basis of past-life regression therapy, to tap into the unconscious.

Does Karma And Reincarnation Really Exist?

'You don't really believe in reincarnation do you?'

This is the most common question I am asked. I reply that I do. 'But you seem too intelligent to believe such a thing', has also been said. A compliment of sorts I guess, but also a widely held view in western culture. To believe in reincarnation is somehow, not quite intelligent. To the materialist world, a soul is a ridiculous notion and even its survival after death, much less its evolution through repeated lives, is quite unthinkable. Of course it all hinges on scientific evidence, and there has been no scientific evidence of reincarnation. Yet, there have been countless examples of very ordinary people under hypnosis relating incredible details from past lives, speaking words and languages they could never have known and naming places and streets that required historians to research in order to confirm the details. Absolute proof for reincarnation is actually, very difficult to establish and it may require the combined evidences of photography, electronics, hypnotism, clairvoyance and psychiatry finally to give us incontrovertible proof. I have confidence, as we move into the Age of Aquarius, this proof will be forthcoming sooner than we imagine.

Can I Come Back As An Animal?

Whether or not a human soul can ever, under extraordinary circumstances, revert to animal form has been a matter of dispute among reincarnationists for years; but the majority view which I hold is that though a human soul can become progressively worse over a series of lifetimes, it cannot regress so far back as to enter animal form.

What Are The Lessons Of Karma?

1. That evil and selfish actions come back at us, if not in this life, then in another life.

2. It offers an explanation for the agonies and frustrations of life - how bad things happen to good people.

3. Acts as a moral compass, it suggests the universe has laws which should follow.

4. Whatever assets or gifts we currently possess - beauty, intelligence, wealth or fame - we only own temporarily. If we are to possess them always, we must prove worthy of having them. Beauty should not make you critical of others; intelligence should not make you look down on less intelligent people and so on. Appreciate the gifts and use them wisely.

The Karma Pendulum

karma pendulum

The karma pendulum is a basic pattern that can be mathematically drawn to show how destiny unfolds. Ideally, the path of return would be to remain on the narrow path of light until the ultimate destination is reached. But actually the path does not usually seem to be so direct and simple. Lets take soul Z as an example. Hundreds of thousands of years ago he was a newly minted entity, ignorant of his divine nature. He began to identify himself with the animal body in which he found himself; and it seemed only right and proper to him that he should further his own animal welfare, his own self-interest, even if that involved the murder of another. We see him then, depart from the divine path (the path from Z to 0) to commit a cruel murder. (Point B in Diagram 1.) But by the law of equilibrium which governs the universe, this act must be exactly compensated for. Divine justice may not operate immediately; it may not be until one lifetime or several lifetimes later that entity Z experiences the suffering of a cruel murder (at B1), either his own or that of someone he dearly loves. In this way he is taught the lesson: Thou shalt not kill!

At point Y on the path, the entity has been brought, through his suffering, to the awareness of what is right action; he has been brought back on the narrow beam of light. He knows it is wrong to kill. But the soul is born again and forgets; or he may not have learned his lesson completely. He may not commit murder again, but he may rob someone of all their money to serve his own self-interest. Once again we see the evil, the pendulum swings to C; and then to Cl where he experiences in a later life an exact recompense for what he did to others in having someone rob him. His suffering once again leads to the deep inner awareness: Do not steal. And so the progress of the soul goes: not a straight line but a zigzag one, like that of a drunk weaving his way home; till finally the pendulum swings less and less, and the soul goes directly and serenely, like the prodigal son, back to his Home. All karmic action seems to follow this general pattern. If you consider how many 'qualities' or lessons the soul needs to learn, you begin to get a glimpse of the complexity of the human psyche and the intricacy of the events that make up our fate.

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