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Meditation is a useful tool for improving psychic abilities and to improve your accuracy as a reader.



What Is Meditation?

Meditation is the technique of focusing your concentration on a specific object or thought for self-improvement or spiritual growth. The supreme goal of meditation, typically practiced by the non-secular world, is union with the absolute. Secular meditators use meditation in their daily lives to create feelings of calm or peace in body and soul and to improve health, creativity, self-esteem, success and relationships, to cultivate psychic powers and to gain self-knowledge. Meditation by itself cannot achieve these goals but it can help develop the power and ability to do so.


There are a number or documented physical and psychological benefits to meditation. In the 1970s Harvard medical school professor Herbert Benson discovered the relaxation response in transcendental meditation practitioners. Just 20 minutes of meditation reduced blood pressure, heart and breathing rates and reduced muscle tension. Other studies have shown that meditation can help relieve anxiety, stress, fatigue, migraine, insomnia and boost feelings of energy and confidence.


Meditation is an age-old universal practice and an important part of many religions including Sufism, Judaism and Christian mystical tradition, but it is most closely associated with Hinduism, Buddhism and the practice of Yoga. Although meditation can be done walking, sitting, standing or lying down the most popular method is sitting mediation, called zazen. There are a number of types of meditation, which can be grouped in two categories: contemplation and concentration.

Contemplation, credited to Buddha for its development but practiced more in the West, includes techniques that require passive examination of the changing content of individual awareness, taking care not to select the content or cling to any aspect of it. The aim of this meditation is increased awareness, but it also presents a very effective way for the unconscious mind to present itself to the conscious mind.

Concentration meditation, found more in Sufi, Yoga and Christian meditation techniques, involves attempts to transform consciousness by mental control, to go beyond thought to a place where there is no thought. The practitioner gives his or her undivided attention to a single idea or perception, seeking the total absorption that leads to understanding. If successful a trance-like state occurs when external stimuli die away. Experts believe this is the oldest form of meditation and for advanced practitioners it can lead to ecstatic states.

Simple Meditation Exercise
Focusing Inward

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and regularly, and observe your breath as it flows in and out of your body. (Focusing on the breath is one of the most common and fundamental techniques for accessing the meditative state. Breath is a deep rhythm of the body that connects us intimately with ourselves and the world around us). Give your full attention to the breath as it comes into your body, and full attention to the breath as it goes out again. Whenever you find your attention wandering away from your breath, gently pull it back to the rising and falling of the breath.

Inhale through your nose slowly and deeply, feeling the lower chest and abdomen inflate like a balloon. Hold for five seconds. Exhale deeply, deflating the lower chest and abdomen like a balloon. Hold for five seconds. Do this as many times as you like, then allow your breathing to return to a normal rhythm. Gradually you will become less aware of your breathing, but not captured in your stream of thoughts. You will become more inwardly centred. You will just 'be there'.

As you breathe separate yourself from the chatter of the stream of thoughts which flow through your mind. Become aware of the variety of sounds that surround you. There is no need to do anything but listen. Let your focus gently float among the sounds of the world and as you do you will find that you gradually begin to focus inwards.

Imagine that you are going deep, deep into a well within your centre. Visualize that this beautiful, deep well goes infinitely down and down. Breathe in as you descend, and absorb all the cool, soothing, healing energy that is buried deep in this bountiful well. Breathe out as you descend, and expel all the negative thoughts and energy that you have accumulated during your day.

Your deep inner world has its own essence, its own reality, and its own light. Feel the silence, peace and calm; no noise can reach you here, no words and no sound. Breathe deeply and slowly, experiencing your deepest, most serene essence in the silence of your deep well.

When you are ready, gradually allow the sounds of the external world to return to your awareness. Imagine yourself coming out of the well towards the light. Open your eyes, stretch and return to your daily life with a renewed sense of peace and optimism.

Meditation For Developing Mediumship

If you are sceptical, it is probably best not to sit for mediumship development. The fact that you don't believe a spirit world exists around you is sufficient in most cases for spirits to ignore you. They know quite well that any evidence they try to present will be attributed to subconscious thoughts or any and every theory that repudiates spirit action. So why waste time. When you realise the power of thought on spirit planes, you will understand your effect upon auric vibrations radiating from you and the building up of psychic walls around you. These form impenetrable barriers to the majority of your friends in spirit life. It is precisely the same in their world. A closed mind in the spirit world is the same as a physically closed door here. See also, meditation for mediumship.

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