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Would you like to learn to read your own angel cards? If so, then you'll enjoy this lesson which uses a real-life reading I gave recently. When reading cards, a certain amount of intuition is necessary as the cards won't always give you a specific message. This exercise shows you how to interpret the cards.

QUESTION: Does this lady have a future with her partner?

I shuffled the deck and thought about her question. I picked 3 cards, to represent the past, present and future of the relationship.

Angel Card Lesson

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The Reading

Past: Law Of Attraction
The card says:
Relationships and activities that you once enjoyed are now changing as you become more sensitive and aware of energies.
Karina says: You are changing (it happens!), and you have begun to feel a little alienated from your life and fustrated with those around you. Perhaps you have started questioning where your life is going, questions you have never asked before. You are going through a spiritual awakening and when this happens it makes you look at every aspect of your life with fresh eyes. It can be confusing and emotional - you are aware of the need for change but not sure how to go about it. Do you turn your life upside down or can you convince those close to you to join you on your journey?

Present: Heal Away Addictions
The card says:
It's time to heal away addictions that are blocking you from your heart's desire. Ask Archangel Raphael to help you with this healing.
Karina says: Although your energy is changing - there is a block within you - toxins of negativity that have built up over years. The frustration you are feeling with your life, is less to do with those around you - and more to do with you. You have a sense that life needs to change, but you struggle to find the motivation to do anything about it. Perhaps you have been 'blaming' those around you for being the cause (including your partner), but they are not. It is time to heal away behaviours that have been robbing you of energy - this may be eating habits (which have led to weight gain), alcohol or some other substance. Now is the time to tackle this.

Future: Solar Plexus Chakra
The card says:
It is safe to take charge of your life in positive ways.
Karina says: The future is bright and you have lots to look forward to. This chakra (energy center) is located just above the belly button. It gives you energy and motivation to make the changes you've always wanted to make. Your solar plexus becomes active in the future, you no longer doubt yourself. You have healed away your addictions. Your relationship is renewed and all doubts disappear. You re-discover your joy of life.

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