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Ask your angel to guide you to a number for a message. Don't think too long and hard about it, trust your first instinct.

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319: Powerful spirits (ascended masters) are giving you ideas and thoughts - these thoughts feel like ideas that are popped into your head out of the blue. Pay attention to, and follow through on this guidance because they are the answers you seek about your life. They present the next step to take on your journey.

741: The angels ask you to stay positive about the steps you are taking or thinking about taking because you are going in the right direction. If you need extra confirmation, ask your angel to leave you a white feather in the next 7 days.

444: There are angels everywhere around you!! Take this as a confirmation, they are in your life! You are completely loved and guided and you have nothing to fear. If you truly trust your angels to guide you, you will release fears and worries about the future. Trust what will be, will be for your best.

811: As long as you act and think like you have money, all of your bills will be paid and you will experience a steady flow of abundance. Assume you have, and will always have enough to do what you want - you CO-create your future with the Universe. The Universe assumes you want what you most think about (if you feel poor, it gives you more of the same). So even if it feels like 'pretending' right now - pretend you have enough until you do.

374: Heaven is applauding the recent choices and actions that you've made. Keep going! You are entering an inspiring upward cycle.

191: Your positive thoughts are opening doors to the fruition of your dream career and/or ultimate lifestyle. Step through these doors without delay.

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