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You may have heard that white feathers are a sign your angel is near. While this is true - it’s true for everyone. So this week, lets ask YOUR angel for a sign that's a bit more personal.

Relax, look at the numbers below, which one are you most drawn to?

angel signs

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Your Result

What is your sign/symbol?

An eagle, a blue butterfly ....? Whichever you chose (no matter how strange, like the Taj Mahal), you were led to it for a reason. In the coming days and weeks, remember your symbol, so when you hear, see or read of it out of the blue, you'll recognise it is a sign from your angel that he/she is near you.

Although it may FEEL like coincidence, it’s not. It’s something called synchronicity. Synchronicity is a series of coincidences used by angels to give you messages.

Test designed personally by Karina for you.

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