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What Message Do These Birds Bring?

Birds are very spiritual creatures, they are connected cosmically to the Universe and are 'carriers' of important messages. Have you ever had the experience where a bird has acted unusual around you? Perhaps it lingered longer than it should, or it appeared on your windowsill day after day or it flew into your house (or window). You sensed there was a meaning or a message, but you weren't sure what .... discover that message now. (Birds covered in this reading: robin, crow and pigeon).

ALSO - Pay attention over the coming weeks - if one of these birds arrives, they have a message for you.

bird meanings

Now scroll down for the message ...

* It's time to let go of anything in your life that no longer works - be that a relationship, work, home or other situation. It is time to plant seeds for the future by setting new goals for the coming 12 months.
* You are growing on your spiritual path, the road is slow to begin with but steady. As you overcome challenges you are taken to new and exciting heights. You have a beautiful song within you, do what you can to uncover it and share it with the world.
* The robin is associated with the end of an old cycle and the beginning of a new, transformational one.
* If you have recently lost a loved one, take this as a sign from them - they are happy and doing well.

PIGEON - Choose the message that resonates with you (it can be one or more):
* You are about to get an unexpected good message (from an unexpected source).
* If you are struggling with goals - stay focused - you will get there, the omen is good.
* No matter where you are in the world, if you are far away from home, the pigeon brings you a message of love from friends and family.
* The pigeon brings blessings from ABOVE to those who had difficult childhoods and have found it emotionally difficult to make their way in the world.
* The pigeon brings luck to those who are trying to have a baby.

CROW - Choose the message that resonates with you (it can be one or more):
The crow is a very powerful spirit bird.
* You are on the verge of finally manifesting something you've been working towards for some time.
* You have been receiving spiritual guidance and signs - but you have either missed them or don't understand what they mean. Let yourself be guided by Spirit - they are calling on you to be true to yourself. They are asking you to raise your thoughts to the unseen world, to connect so they can send you clearer messages.
* You are trying to navigate your way through a difficult patch in a relationship with a loved one, friend or colleague. The road is bumpy and the crow wants to give you a friendly message to stay alert.

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