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Look at the 5 crystals below, which are you drawn to?
Don’t choose your favourite colour, choose the one you are most attracted to at this very moment.

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Crystal Meanings


1. Moss Agate
Karina Says:
Is your soul a little weary? By choosing this stone, you are subconsciously crying out for release - release from tension caused by underlying stress in your life. For some of you this stress will be obvious, for others it is more insidious creeping up on you due to hectic daily demands/frustrations. Your body craves relief, some quiet time free from demands and decisions. You crave 'grounding' and one of the best ways to do this is walking regularly in nature. The Moss Agate is associated with trees, moss, grass ... the Life Force of the Universe. Spending time in nature is like plugging into a unseen force that sends waves of balancing energy through your cells (this is what is means to be 'grounded'). The Moss Agate is a wonderfully powerful omen for those recovering from illness (including depression).

This stone is also associated with wealth and attracting good fortune in all forms. It draws success to those starting a new business or expanding a business. It attracts the energy of prosperity over time (no quick lotto wins, but rather gradual abundance). Keep a Moss Agate near your work space if you want to improve your finances.

Ps: This stone is also known as a birthing crystal and helps reduce pain during childbirth.

2. Serpentine
Karina Says:
The serpentine is the meditation stone and choosing this stone indicated that Higher Powers are calling on you to connect with them. Ideally - they would like you to learn how to meditate (or improve your ability if you're already on this path). The Serpentine helps you find inner peace and ultimately to understand who you are and what your life purpose is. You are on a journey of spiritual exploration - your intuition is unfolding - to ignore it would be denying a miraculous gift. Put away those doubts 'who am I to think I'm special?'. The SAME LIGHT shines in all of us - you have a choice to ignore it, or to believe and explore it. Because we all have the same Light within us, everyone (including YOU) has the power to dazzle.

Ps: This stone also helps moms with breastfeeding problems. Also, keep a Serpentine near you if you have kidney and stomach complaints.

3. Mixed Tiger Eye
Karina Says:
By choosing this stone you are harnessing universal energy to keep your composure/dignity in the face of challenges. You may have been treated unfairly, but you have the grace within you to move on. You have been hurt in the past but this crystal tells me you have not allowed it to distort who you are on the inside. Your light still shines. By picking this stone you are saying to the Universe, "I am ready now for new beginnings!". The energy you will shortly attract brings a huge burst of willpower and determination to finally tackle those issues that have bothered you in addition to good luck and confidence. Fear is being drained from your body - like a cosmic detox - and your enthusiasm for life will bubble over.

Ps: For those going through a spiritual awakening/journey, this stone means you are, or are about to, experience a momentous connection (Oneness). It is the break-through you've been waiting for, perhaps without even knowing it.

4. Rhodonite
Karina Says:
You may have received a shock or experienced heartache - if so, picking this stone means you are receiving comforting energy from the Universe and spirits. The Rhodonite stimulates and activates the heart chakra, it heals pain, shock, anger and fear. You are being prepared to continue with your life and enjoy new experiences in the future. Your emotions are being hormonally balanced, an invisible hand is helping you. For those finding it hard to cope with life at the moment, don't be alarmed, your angel will help you feel calmer and less panicky so you can sort problems in a positive and practical way.

Ps: You have an undiscovered talent - and it's about time it came to fruition. You may not be aware of what it is yet - but you will do soon. For those of you who suspect they know what their talent is - go for it. Discover where your destiny lies. The only thing you have to fear is doing nothing.

5. Blue Angelite
Karina Says:
The higher vibration of powerful Spirits are reaching out to you (angels and ascended masters). This stone is associated with the angelic realm, it helps you hear angels. If you picked this stone you are already hearing the voice of angels, they are calling you into service to help others. There are many ways we help others - healing, inspiring, teaching, protecting and supporting. It is in doing what you came here to do that the rest of your life falls into place - relationships, home, inner peace and sense of happiness. Now is the right time to look up from your life - to think not of your needs but of others. In so doing, your needs will be taken care of by the Universe, the abundance will flow back to you in the form of opportunities, luck and kindness. Don't wait until life is 'sorted' to start - take it from me, life will never be 'sorted'.

Ps: For some of you mediumship and trance channeling is beckoning you - even if you think I'm crazy for saying so!
Pps: If you are currently experiencing vivid dreams, you need to learn about astral travel.



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