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Everyone is a little bit psychic - that means you can read other peoples thoughts and feelings. Have you ever just 'known' what someone was about to say? If so, you were using psychic skills. Like any muscle, the more you practice psychic intuition, the better it becomes.

Take a look at the image below. Try to read my mind.

Which crystal am I about to reach for?

Crystal Psychic Test

Now scroll down for the answer ......



Intuition Test Answer

I picked the yellow citrine crystal. Its a lovely crystal to help clarity of mind, communication skills, and raise energy levels. If you want to boost your self confidence to achieve goals and banish negativity, this is the crystal to keep near you! For an extra boost lie down and place it on your solar plexus (the energy center just above your belly button) for a few minutes. Listen to some relaxing music and allow the crystal to infuse your cells with positivity.

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