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Being emotionally mature basically means controlling your emotions rather than let them control you. This doesn't mean you hide your emotions, it just means you assess them and act responsibly.

How many can you say YES to truthfully?

1. If I'm angry with a friend, I tell them straight away.
2. I look for solutions to my problems rather than just complain about them.
3. I can adapt to change.
4. I feel more pleasure in giving than receiving.
5. I have the ability to love well.
6. I believe I handle my problems well, but still talk them over with those close to me.
7. I try to do my best, I feel good about my efforts.
8. I don't try to control people.
9. I understand people say hurtful things when upset, and I can forgive them.
10. I try not to hold grudges.
11. I usually think before I speak.
12. I know jealously is harmful to relationships, I try to avoid it.
13. I'm not perfect, but I like myself.
14. If I'm feeling sad or down, I know why.
15. I am happy to talk about my feelings with those close to me.


Now add up your YES's and scroll down for your answer:

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Your Result

Karina Says: Wow, you are emotionally mature and have excellent coping abilities. You are happy in your skin and attract healthy relationships. You sleep well, free from symptoms of guilt, depression and anger. You are flexible and can bend with the wind of change. You are the sort of person others wants in their life because
you allow them to be themselves. Congratulations, you've learnt how to handle life.

Karina Says: Generally you cope well, but there are areas of your emotional life that you find worrying. You may want to feel more optimistic and energetic. Perhaps you suffer physical symptoms of stress such as tummy upsets and headaches. Would you like to feel happier? Start by becoming more aware of your emotions - take responsibility for them. Avoid blaming others for how you are feeling, you have 100 percent control over how you feel.

Under 6
Karina Says: You have a little more work to do on yourself, but you do have the power to make positive changes in your life. How you feel about yourself and others, is completely in your control. Perhaps read a few self help books, browse the titles until you see one you are instinctively drawn toward.

Test designed personally by Karina for you.

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