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Can You Read A Face?

There is so much about a person's character we can sense by looking at their face. We may not always chose to listen to our intuition, but when we do, it gives us all the guidance we need. Look at the two men below. One was scheming to steal lots of money and the other had charity on his mind. Which is which?

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Financier Bernard Madoff, now serving a 150-year prison sentence, illegally squandered nearly $20 billion entrusted to him. Notice his tight-lipped smile? This sends the message that he has a secret to keep and he is not planning on sharing it with you. You'll notice this tight-lipped smile in pictures of many 'successful' businessmen, they are saying 'I have the secret to success and I'm not letting you in on it'.

Karl Rabeder had all the money he could ever spend. The luxury lifestyle he lived weighed heavy on him, so he ending up giving all his money away to charity. What a lovely smile ... Did you know that as we become older we smile less? Perhaps because life becomes more serious with all the possessions and responsibilities we accumulate. The average child smiles about 400 times a day, and the average adult 15 times.

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