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Fairy Message

1. Peace Of Mind
Karina Says:
Do you crave peace? Peace of mind is not something you have to earn, as it is already inside you. Like a sculptor who starts with a block of marble, you need to chip away at the surface until the inner masterpiece is revealed. If you make peace of mind your focus, you will feel a great sense of relief. Steps to find that peace include being honest with yourself, live according to those gut feelings that tell you what is right and wrong. Be helpful and kind to others. Avoid negative people when you can, simplify your life and say no when you need to.

2. Raising Your Standards
Karina Says:
Don't settle for less than your dreams. Deep down you KNOW what sort of life you are meant to live. This message confirms you can have a fulfilling relationship, job, or live in the environment you wish to be in ... it's not too late. If you hear a voice in your head saying 'I can't afford it, or I could never accomplish that', BANISH IT! You deserve the best - this is your life - it's important ... it's not a rehearsal my darling - this IS the main act. Have high standards for yourself and your life.

3. Miracle Healing
Karina Says:
You have asked for help and it is coming. You or a loved one may have health issues ... the angels are directing powerful healing energy towards you. For others, this message means a situation that has worried you will receive a miracle healing - it will be finally resolved so that you can move on with your life. If you are tired from constantly thinking about a situation, tell your angel you no longer want to think about it - hand the entire problem over and then forget about it. This is true TRUST ... if you can manage to do this .. problems/dilemmas will resolve in miraculous ways. Just be prepared for them to resolve in the way that is best for your longterm benefit.

4. New Opportunity
Karina Says:
A momentous opportunity is or will shortly be presented to you. It could come in the form of a job offer, a business start up or expansion, or an opportunity within your current working life. Alternatively it may come as a loss - where you lose something only to force you out of your comfort zone and into the hands of a brilliant new opportunity. Even though you may feel intimidated, rest assured that your angel is reaching out, guiding and protecting you as you soar to new heights. It is safe to trust that you are capable of handling this change and can fly.

5. Awakening Your True Self
Karina Says:
You are beginning (or will soon) to recover your natural identity, including your sense of humour, interests, passions and desires. You've been through a period when you were not yourself but now the old you is reemerging. Perhaps someone caused you to lose yourself, or it was the result of difficult circumstances. Either way - Welcome back, it's so good to see you again! Trust that any confusion or changes that are currently happening are for your good, allow these changes to occur. Know that you are building a solid foundation for the future, calmer, happier ... and interesting times ahead.

6. New Location
Karina Says:
There is a change in your energy that draws a change of location to you. For some this will mean a house move, for others a move to another country. It can also mean your place of work is changing - you could be on the cusp of finding a new job, or your current employer may transfer you to a new location. Regardless of the type of new location, trust that it is for the better and it will improve your life.

7. Self Reliance
Karina Says:
You are your own best friend and can provide for yourself emotionally and physically. Sometimes we get frightened and seek reassurance from others that all will be well. This message is to reassure you that you can rely on yourself and your own connection with spirits and angels to manifest all you need in your life. Avoid naysayers who talk you out of fulfilling your dreams. You are so POWERFUL and special, others should be listening to you. Trust your inner voice, trust that you are highly capable with or without someone by your side.

8. Higher Consciousness
Karina Says:
You have been asking for guidance from Spirits or angels - take this as a confirmation that you are receiving it. Those gut instincts you have, thoughts in your head, aspirations or dreams ARE coming from Spirit. Your spiritual path has helped you hear this voice because you've taken the time to listen. Perhaps you've begun meditation, doing yoga, reading cards ...walking in nature ... whatever you are doing it is working and has helped quieten your mind. The voice you hear in your head is TRUE and will guide you perfectly in all life areas if you listen and act on it.

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