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Relax, look at the cards. Which one are you drawn to? Don't just pick your favourite number, that's not using your intuition. Ask your guides and the Universe to direct you towards the message for you.

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1. Ace Of Water: New Love

With this card we have the beginning of the opening of your heart. Spirit is manifesting within you, you are in a cycle of opening your heart to new emotions. The Ace of Water card represents a new joy entering your life. For some of you this heralds a new romance, for others a soul mate friend, or for a few of you, a baby. This joy may also refer to a new home, or the start of a venture/business or passion that will be very successful. By drawing this card, you are being blessed from above and asked to trust that all will be well. It stands for joy, happiness and good health to come. In addition, the Ace of Water is associated with clairsentience (receiving hunches about people and events, having 'gut feelings') so, trust your 'gut'!
Archangel Metatron is associated with this message. This is thought to be the youngest and tallest of all the Archangels!

2. The Moon: Intuition
This is a time of powerful intuition - your connection to the Universe is growing and, as a result, your ability to manifest the future you want will become easier. Perhaps you have consciously become more aware of your intuition and are working on developing it - intuition is like a muscle, the more you work it the stronger it grows. In Tarot, the Moon is represented by the number 18, and 18 is the number of mastering a high level on the psychic realm. It asks 'can you read the group consciousness?' or 'can you feel the energy of many people's emotions? '"do you feel change in the air?'. You are becoming more sensitive, which means you will become more aware of the feelings of people around you. This card warns you to be careful not to take these feeling on board as your own. If you feel drained, or feel up and down like an emotional yo-yo, it's not because you need 'fixing', it's simply a sign your intuition is opening powerfully. Congratulations!
Ps: On a day to day level, the Moon indicates emotional outbursts with other people - be careful not to read too much into their words or actions, it's not as big a deal as it seems. See my intuition test.
Archangel Haniel is associated with this card. Haniel is with you.

3. Renewal : End Of An Era
You may be at a bit of a crossroads, nearing the end of a project, study, relationship or phase of your life. You are on the threshold of making important changes. The advice here is not to rush in and chose action for the sake of action - relax, review your options carefully, and then you can make confident choices. This card, traditionally known as the World card in Tarot, is always a good omen. If you are struggling to move from one phase of your life, to the next, the Universe is now directing it's attention towards you, making those changes easier. Rest easy knowing that events are developing behind the scenes and this Tarot Card, No. 21 in the deck, signifies that your personal hopes and ambitions will be fulfilled and success will reward your efforts. For those waiting on news which has held back their progress, such as - court cases, house sales, exams - the news will be good and arrive shortly.
Archangel Jeremiel is associated with this card. He helps us evaluate our life and decide what we want.

4. Ten Of Water: Happy Families
What a wonderful card to draw! The Ten of Water represents a life that is truly blessed, a happy and rewarding family life. If you are about to commit to a relationship, this card is the symbol of ultimate emotional fulfilment. It reminds you to appreciate those who love you, and those whom you love. Your relationships with family and friends are strong and trustworthy - you truly are blessed and loved. There is a great sense of abundance with this message, abundance entering your life which snowballs and attracts even more in the coming months. This message reminds you to now go about sharing the blessings which have filtered into your life with those around you. Don't be discriminating as to whom you share those blessings with. Be generous, even with those people who have seemingly done little to deserve it! The spirit of abundance which you bring into the lives of those around you will be repaid to you by the Universe many times over. Spread your love and remember, you have the power to light up the lives of those around you!
Archangel Haniel is associated with this card.

5. The Magician
If you are thinking about starting/expanding a business, getting a new job, moving - or any new adventure that involves some risk - take this as a positive confirmation to go ahead. Your life experiences have trained you for this moment and the opportunities that are available to you at this time (or soon will be) are magical. The Magician signifies you have all the tools necessary to make your future a success - no more need to weigh up the pros and cons or do research. Start putting your gifts into action. You have the Power of the Universe behind you and the skills to make it happen. Furthermore, you will start to feel a boost of optimism and ‘can do’ attitude gradually creeping into your subconscious. Don't let past failures put you off, timing is everything. It is safe to acknowledge goals and put them into action.
Archangel Raziel is associated with this card, he is a wizard like angel associated with spiritual mysteries and secrets, he will lead people to you.

6. Six Of Fire: Victory
This is a simple and straight-forward message. The 6 of Fire represents a successful outcome to your wish! It heralds good news for those going for job interviews, waiting for a promotion/permanent contract, or some other sort of public recognition of your skills. This is the universal card of good fortune - whatever battles you have been fighting will be won. It is a time to put yourself forward, to act confidently (even if you don't always feel it). Fortune favours the brave - more so now than at any other time in your life.
Archangel Chaumuel is associated with this card - clear seeing & victorious.

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