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UseYour Intuition
Discover Your Friendship Qualities

* Relax, empty your mind of all thoughts.
* Look at the picture below.
* Which chair are you most drawn to?
* Don't think too long and hard about it, just pick the one that appeals to you! 

Chair Personality Test

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Your Result

1. Stool
Karina says: You are a true friend! People love you because you are honest about your feelings - if you have a concern you voice it rather than going behind their back. You don't judge and are tolerant of other's weaknesses. Your tolerance is natural, you were born with a compassionate heart. But you've been through some tough times and this has made your heart wiser. You extend kindness and compassion but you don’t always receive it yourself. You have an interesting past and have been places and done things that may surprise those who think they know you. Despite knowing yourself well, at the moment you are lacking a strong sense of direction. Life hasn't exactly been disastrous, but there's an element of disappointment. Don't fear talking about it to friends or partners. Allow them to hear your inner doubts, allow them to reassure you. Life will get better but it’s good to talk.

2. Wooden Chair
Karina says: Lets start with the basics - you're attractive and have a way with the opposite sex! You exude an air of mysteriousness and this intrigues. While you may appear mysterious, it's more likely that you’re just bored! You like to be admired but weary easily. You are secretive about your inner thoughts and feelings. Yet, you are a clear thinker and often have firm opinions. On the inside you are delicate and sensitive. While people (friends, lovers, work colleagues) are easily attracted to you, they sometimes draw back and appear nervous. You are slow to express your inner thoughts and others mistake this for aloofness. This is because, although you are confident and generous, you are actually rather shy. Perhaps you undervalue your gift for friendship, and worry about how you come across in company. Consequently you disguise your true feelings for fear of rejection. Don't be afraid to reveal your true feelings, be bold. You have magical qualities.

3. Patterned Chair
Karina says: You are a princess aren't you - in fact you're probably sulking because you had to wait for the results!:) A bit of a rarity, you were not destined to travel the beaten path. You are unique and your actions or responses to others can be unpredictable and unusual. You are Carrie in Sex in The City. Smart, stylish and quirky. Others are attracted to your company, but some may question your sincerity. Are you what you seem? It's a good question because you tend to hide your inner feelings - perhaps even from yourself. But there's no need to. You are the most unique of all the chairs and have wells of potential untapped within. Free yourself from the bondage of image and show yourself. At first you will feel vulnerable, exposed, but then you start to enjoy it. You discover people respond when you are at your most natural and quirky self.

4. Designer Chair
Karina says: You appear confident, self-possessed and elegant. You make friends feel posh simply by hanging out with you! To have you as a friend reflects well on them. While in general you are pretty calm and in control of situations, you do sometimes have to make an effort to keep up that outward appearance of self-mastery. The need to appear in control satisfies some deep need within you. It's difficult to put your finger on, and you rarely give friends the slightest hint that there is struggle within. Relax! It's ok to let your guard down occasionally. There's something deeply attractive about a strong person who shows vulnerability on occasion.

5. Silk Chair
Karina says: My, we do have a Diva on our hands! Of course it's no surprise only a handful of you picked number 5! You can be seductive and draw people into your world. It's your world, or no world. But frankly, it's such a lovely world, why wouldn't they want a part of it? If you want something, you go for it. Others enjoy your infectious sense of humour and your ability to muster a smile, no matter what. You have a great appetite for life and are best fulfilled by close friends and a supportive partner. Perhaps your enthusiasm can occasionally bring you more than you can happily handle. Behind all this is a little insecurity - you desire happiness but don’t quite know what the formula is - yet everyone else around you seems to work it out (but do they really?). You take longer than others to find your life purpose, and this worries you. Don't worry, because when you finally do find your path, your enthusiasm places you on the fast track. You jump hurdles and speed off into the sunset!

6. Cream Armchair
Karina says: You are the most intuitive of all the chairs! Friends pour their heart out to you; in fact, you're even likely to attract strangers who do the same! Your gentle energy acts as a magnet to the troubled. In many ways you are a healer. Yet, were others to stop and think about YOU for a moment, they’d be surprised by the passion beneath the calm exterior. You are driven by a strong sense of purpose, or the need to find a purpose if you don’t have one yet. Destiny has marked you out. You are meant to achieve something unique. This may be a writing book, healing skill, artistic creation ... anything that allows your inner voice and personal style an outlet. While you may not always feel confident, you are a woman of substance and that makes you enduring. The world awaits you....

7. Leather Armchair
Karina says: Friends and family find you warm and supportive, always willing to lend a hand. You make them feel respected and loved. In your world they can show their true feelings without feeling judged. This willingness to be reliable fulfills a deep need within you - a need to feel needed. It may be that sometimes you confuse GIVING love with your sense of well-being. That somehow you sense all is well with the world and you are doing OK, as long as you are doing the giving. You may even inwardly reject or distrust the affection of others - although you cover it up well. It's not that you don't want it but rather you can’t help questioning if it's genuine. In most cases it is, friends have no ulterior motive. You give a lot to others, dear leather armchair. It’s time to TAKE what is on offer too.

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