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Do you have a spring in your step as you greet each new day, or is your life rather dull and lacking in sparkle? Discover, how happy you really are ....

Answer the following questions as truthfully as possible and add up your score at the end.

1. Do you look forward to the future?
Yes = 1 No = 0

2. Do you wake up most days looking forward to the day?
Yes = 1 No = 0

3. Do you have many friends?
Yes = 1 No = 0

4. Are you in a stable relationship?
Yes = 1 No = 0

5. Do you regularly wish to change lives with other people?
Yes = 0 No = 1

6. Do you suffer from fits of anxiety or depression?
Yes = 0 No = 1

7. Do you have any interests apart from work?
Yes = 1 No = 0

8. Do you worry alot about getting old?
Yes = 0 No = 1

9. Do you bounce back from misfortune?
Yes = 1 No = 0

10. Is your family life mostly happy?
Yes = 1 No = 0

11. Do you have any spiritual beliefs?
Yes = 1 No = 0

12. Could you be happy but poor?
Yes = 1 No = 0

13. Are you financially secure?
Yes = 1 No = 0

14. Do you worry frequently about what is happening in the world?
Yes = 0 No = 1

15. Do you enjoy your work?
Yes = 1 No = 0

16. Do you put off doing things, even stuff you want to do, because of lack of motivation?
Yes = 0 No = 1

17. Do you usually fall asleep quickly?
Yes = 1 No = 0

18. Are you usually in good health (not suffering from frequent colds/illnesses)?
Yes = 1 No = 0

19. Do you have many regrets about the way life has turned out?
Yes = 0 No = 1

20. Do you consider yourself generally happy?
Yes = 1 No = 0

Now scroll down for your result ....

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Your Result

17 to 20
Karina Says: What can I say that you don't already know - you are blissfully happy. In my experience, people with this sort of happiness score have a strong connection with the spiritual world. It doesn't mean you have to be religious, it simply means you are in flow with the Universal force of energy - you regularly find yourself in the right place at the right time and attract good fortune into your life. You are truly blessed. Perhaps you find yourself worrying from time to time that your luck will run out? It won't! So keep shining your light.

12 to 16
Karina Says: You are pretty happy with life and there aren't many clouds in your sky. While you do have occasional worries, you know how to deal with them. You accept that life isn't perfect and make the most of it. If you open up more to your angel you will find that you can raise your score of happiness to the ultimate level. In your angel you will find the answers, comfort and security you need to trust that you are destined for long, sun-filled days.

5 to 11
Karina Says: You may have a lot of troubles in your life, and have problems finding real happiness. Sometimes we become trapped in a negative cycle, a bad thing happens, we lose confidence and in our vulnerability attract more unfortunate situations and people to us. You are not alone, your angel is beside you, waiting to comfort you, and to help you move into a happier phase in your life. You haven't been forgotten. Take her hand and move towards the light.

4 and Below
Karina Says: My poor darling, you really are not in a happy place. With this sort of score you might consider some sort of counselling to help put back on the right track. This is not how your life is meant to be, there is so much brightness up ahead, and you just need a little help or someone to direct you towards it.


Test designed personally by Karina for you.

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