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Even Intuitive Skills Need Practice

If you struggle to hear your inner voice or trust your intuition, it's not that you lack intuition - it simply means you need practice hearing it. If you rarely look within yourself, you can't expect to hear your inner voice when it has something to say.

So lets continue with this exercise: Look at the 2 boxes below. Which one do you SENSE has a large crystal inside? Take your time ... wait until you get a 'sense' of it.

And for BONUS points (a more advanced test).... can you SENSE the colour of the crystal?

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Result of Clairsentience test


If you never relax, switch off, mediate or use another method of calming your soul, you will find it difficult to make your way through our hectic world using your intuitive abilities. Stop and listen.

By the way, did anyone notice the 3 burnt dots on my table surrounded by the light circle? As I was meditating one day, I asked for a 'sign' from the world of spirits of their presence, and for a message. A few hours later I discovered this burn on my coffee table! I like to think of it as the Trinity Sign - a symbol of eternal life and Divine love.


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