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Even Intuitive Skills Need Practice

If you struggle to hear your inner voice or trust your intuition, it's not that you lack intuition - it simply means you need practice hearing it. If you rarely look within yourself, you can't expect to hear your inner voice when it has something to say.

So lets continue with this exercise: Look at the 2 photos below. One woman's life tragically came to an end shortly after this photo was taken. The other lived a long, productive life, living to the ripe old age of 98. Which is which?

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Painting of Jeanne
Forever young in this famous
portrait of Jeanne by Modigilani
Jeanne Hebuterne (1898-1920)

Jeanne Hebuterne was the girlfriend of the famous artist Amedeo Modigilani. After falling madly in love with the rogue artist, Jeanne moved in with him, despite her parents objections (this was the early 1900s don't forget!). In 1918 she gave birth to a daughter. Not long after she became pregnant again, but then tragedy hit. Her beloved Modigilani suffered severe ill health, worsened due his chronic drinking habits. After a bout of TB he died on the 24 January, 1920. Beside herself with grief on hearing the news, Jeanne threw herself off the balcony of her 5th floor apartment, killing both herself and her unborn child.

Louise Bourgeois later in life
Louise later in life

Louise Bourgeois (1911-2010)

The other lady is Louise Bourgeois. Initially Louise planned on studying maths but junked it all in for art. She later became a famous sculptor and worked - literally - until she died at the grand old age of 98. She was good friends with other important 20th century artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. Her works are represented in famous art galleries around the world including the Tate, MOMA and the Guggenheim (she's best known for her HUGE sculptures of spiders!).



Intuition is GUIDANCE. If you continually struggle with life, suffer from constant bad luck or lack of direction - it is because you are not listening to that voice within you. That voice is your soul (which knows EXACTLY what it wants to do with your life), and it is also the voice of your guardian angel and spirit guide. As you become better at hearing that voice, gradually you will be able to even differentiate between the different voices - recognizing which is your soul, spirit guide or angel.

Your intuition is like a muscle. A muscle that is never used becomes weak and wastes away. The same applies to your connection to the world of spirit, soul and angels. They all waste away if you don't use them.

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