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The left side of the brain is associated with logic and the right side is associated with being creative. Which side do you operate mostly with? Knowing if you are left or right brained can help you learn how best to focus your talents.

1. Which subject were you better at in school:
a. Maths or science.
b. Music or the arts.
c. English or history.

2. You do your best thinking:
a. Sitting down.
b. Lying down or stretched out on the couch.
c. Walking or standing.

3. Is your workspace:
a. Really neat and tidy.
b. Cluttered.
c. A bit messy, but you know where things are.

4. Which type of painting are you most likely to hang in your bedroom:
a. Something abstract and colourful.
b. Landscape.
c. Portrait.

5. You are:
a. Right handed.
b. Left handed.
c. Ambidextrous (can write with left and right).

6. If you're learning a new dance step, you learn best:
a. Watching a video that you can pause, stop and start.
b. Practicing with someone who already knows the moves.
c. Taking a class.

7. You're most likely to choose a movie based on:
a. Reviews.
b. Adverts.
c. A friend's recommendation.

Now scroll down for your results:

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Your Result

Mostly A's
You Are Left-Brained

You are more analytical and logical than creative. Left-brained people tend to prefer working alone or in a small group within a quiet environment. They also tend to be good at learning languages, numbers, reasoning and critical thinking.

Mostly B's
You Are Right-Brained

This means you are creative, sensitive and see the world through your emotions and solve problems by following your heart. You are intuitive and respond to colours - you could for example learn how to read auras. Always trust your instinct, it is your short-cut to success. Right brain thinkers tend to be sociable and work best in a team.

Mostly C's
You're A Bit Of Both

You are a perfect blend of left and right brain, so you have the best of both worlds. Flexible you can call on a certain amount of creativity if you need it, but also have the logic to think commercially. Although making a decision may take you a while, when you make up your mind you stick to it and usually experience success.

Test designed personally by Karina for you.

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