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UseYour Intuition
Discover Your Life Purpose

* Relax, empty your mind of all thoughts.
* Look at the picture below, and ask 'what is my life purpose?'.
* Which card are you most drawn to?
* Pick the one you are most drawn to and not just your lucky number! 

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Now scroll down for your result ....

Your Result

Please bear in mind, if the card you picked doesn't resonate with you now, it may do so in years to come. For example, some of the best Healers I know only discovered their natural gifts in their 50's and 60s.

Card 1

Karina says: Your life purpose involves working with or looking after animals. You love them and they love you. You understand animals and can sense what they are feeling. You may even find yourself doing charity work on behalf of animal shelters. Strays animals end up on your doorstep, and inevitably become loved pets. Not everyone has this gift. You are a champion of the animal world, they need your protection and every kindness you do them. By loving animals you make the world a better place - you achieve what you came here to do. The more you love, the more you give, the happier and more fulfilled your life becomes. 

Card 2 

Karina says: You heal, inspire and entertain with your words. Whether a novel, a screenplay, spiritual book, articles, poetry or a website, it is your destiny to write. You may doubt your abilities, or not be sure how to reach an audience. Don’t worry - trust it’s your destiny, you will find a way. Whatever your background - mom, office worker, healer, cleaner - the world is waiting to hear what you have to say! You don't need to be a natural writer - take a creative workshop to improve your technical skills if necessary. You DO have a story inside you worth telling.

Card 3

Karina says: You are a natural healer. It doesn't matter what 'tool' you use to heal - nursing, reiki, massage, crystal healing, angel therapy, psychic readings, reflexology, careworker - the end result is - you can HEAL. I'm not just talking about physically - but also at a deep emotional level. Your body is a like an antenna for the Other World - it amplifies Spirit’s healing power. You've been healing people naturally all your life, probably without realising it. You're kind, intuitive and act as a magnet to the needy. Your confidence grows by taking classes in alternative healing methods - learn what you can. Eventually you may develop your own unique technique.

Card 4

Karina says: Do people open up to you? Do they reveal their deepest secrets and worries because they sense you'll listen? You chose this card because you are a natural counsellor. It may be you are destined to work as a life coach, or work with people with mental health issues, or families in need, the elderly, or perhaps children. If you're not in a position to pursue a career in counselling, consider working for a charity that need volunteer listeners, like the Samaritans. Alternatively you may be drawn to spiritual counselling in the form of psychic, angel or mediumship readings. 

Card 5 

Karina says: You have a creative streak - it is your ticket to success and happiness. Don't be afraid of it - or dismiss it as unpractical! Perhaps you fear there’s no money to be made in creativity? That's not true - unleash your creative mind to find creative ways to earn a living! So you like baking - sell your creations to local shops or offices. You like drawing? Do a course in graphic design. You like writing? Start a blog and watch your fans grow. You like to dance? Then teach others to dance, or develop your own brand of dance exercise. Use your creativeness to build a life that satisfies’s both your creativity and you bank balance.
Ps: If you're already pursuing a creative career - it may be interior design, musician, singer, event management, painting, crafts - take this a sign from the Universe you are on the right track. Every creative career involves risk - sure, it's not reliable like a regular job - but then again, a regular job doesn't offer the highs of a creative career! Have fun with your life.

Card 6 

Karina says: You were born to teach and inspire others. You may be a school teacher, fitness instructor, coach, art therapist or spiritual teacher. Your purpose is to help others become better versions of themselves, to awaken new interests. Not all of you will have reached the stage to teach yet - you may still be uncovering your gifts and learning - but eventually teaching will be part of your journey (perhaps even teaching your own unique methods). People have been seeking you out, all your life, for guidance. You shine an inner light that signals you are a natural born spiritual teacher. Keep learning and stay inspired yourself so you can keep inspiring others.

Card 7 

Karina says: Loving your family is central to your life purpose. A life purpose does not have to be a wage paying career. Everyone was born with a plan. Yours was to lovingly support your family, to be their strength and carer. By being the best and most loving you can be, you create harmony in your loved ones lives (and future loved ones to come if you don't have children yet). If you need to work, ideally choose a job or small business you can run from home. Home is where you are most centered and where you will be most successful. Even if you can't see how you will achieve a work/home life balance yet - it will come. 
Ps: Additional meaning: career working with children.

Card 8 

Karina says: Your life purpose requires you to study and gain new skills. Ideally the sooner you start, the better. If you've dreamed of qualifying at something - go for it. Or perhaps you just like the idea of finding out a more about a certain subject. Go ahead! Don’t worry if you're not sure where it will lead, have trust. It may be that one workshop leads to another and ultimately your purpose will be revealed. So stretch yourself and pursue your curiosity. 

Card 9 

Karina says: Travel is part of your destiny. Perhaps you feel a desire to work in faraway places- maybe teach English, perform charity work, or apply for a regular job. Then again, you might just want to pack it all in and go exploring! Your journey can be for long periods of time, or just short bursts. Whatever the reason - you need to follow your instincts. It may be you discover something about yourself and your life purpose along the way. Or it could be the people you meet are the reason for your travel. Alternatively it may simply be that your life purpose is to learn about new cultures. The key message: keep your passport ready!
Ps: Additional meanings - indicates a career in the travel industry.

Card 10 

Karina says: Keep doing what you're doing because you're on the right path. Take this as a confirmation if you have doubted your feelings and plans. Continue with your present dreams and goals - no matter how tough it’s been. Don’t forget - even the act of having a focus and dream has added passion and meaning to your life. There are rewards in the here and now too. If you’re trying to decide between two options, choose the one that inspires you. You were not born for an ordinary life, so take some risks, spread your wings and you will fly.
Ps: If you don't presently have goals, you soon will. Your path is windy, one step leads to another. Each step - even if right now you can't see how it will all link together - teaches you something necessary for your ultimate purpose. Sometimes it's only when we look back can we see the bigger picture.

Test designed personally by Karina for you.

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