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Look at the 4 books carefully. Try to work out which book I placed a love spell inside? Try to sense 'romance'.

Now scroll down for the answer .....



For those of you who are interested, this is the LOVE CHARM:

Perform any time of day to win your true love.

Pink candle
Pen and paper
Photograph of yourself
Pink ribbon

Dim the lights. Light the candle so that the glow surrounds your reflection in the mirror. Concentrate your thoughts on YOUR good qualities and on your wish to start a new relationship. Let fears and doubts leave your body. After a few moments draw a picture of your ideal new love on the paper (don't worry if you're not a great artist, it's the intention. You can draw a picture of someone you know, or the person you'd ideally like to meet). Place your picture beside your photo. Tie them together with the pink ribbon. Now as you look in the mirror, holding your pictures say:

My inner doubts are now set free.
My heart is open come to me.
Let the future joy unfold.
Happiness and love untold.

Blow out the candle. Keep your pictures in a safe place until your love arrives.


Test designed personally by Karina for you.

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