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Which Position Do You Sleep In?

Most of us sleep in the same position that we did as children and are quite resistant to changing it. According to studies, the way we curl up in bed tells a lot about our personality!

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The Fetal: (41 percent of us sleep this way)
Sensitive Romantic

Karina Says: Introspective, compassionate and romantic. It takes time for you to reveal your heart to another, they need to earn your trust before you open up. You have a lot of love to give but need to protect yourself from those who abuse your generosity by only taking. Initially shy or reserved with strangers, when people get to know you they are surprised by how interesting and complex you are. Still waters run deep...Interestingly, more than twice as many women adopt the fetus position while sleeping than men.

Log (15 percent of us sleep this way)

Karina Says: You lie on your side with both arms down by your side. Log sleepers are easy going and sociable. They are best suited to working in jobs that involve communication and interaction with people. They are accepting of all sorts and have a mixed group of friends, from totally conservative to off the wall strange. Yet, they can be gullible, taking people on face value (and often feel let down). Nevertheless, they are life's best survivors - always getting back up after a fall. It is this strength of character and eternal optimism that sets you apart from most. You are special.

Yearner (13 percent of us sleep this way)
Open And Spiritual

Karina Says: People who sleep on their side with both arms out in front have an open nature. They are easy to get to know and enjoy having close friends. However they can be suspicious (but this may be borne of experience) and stubborn. While slow to make up their minds, once they have, they are unlikely to change it. Yearners have a strong spiritual connection which is more likely to emerge in later years. They will have the sense of needing to do something special with their life, but this life purpose may not be clear until their 40s or 50s.

Soldier (8 percent of us sleep this way)
Sophisticated And Reserved

Karina Says: You lie on your back with both arms by your side. This position is neat and orderly. You are generally quiet and reserved. Your tastes are sophisticated and your style is classy. While you don't like fuss, you do set yourself and others high standards. You are calm and rational in most situations. You have a special type of intuition and may have flashes of past lives, or experience deja vu. An old soul, you feel you have been here before. Some may call you inflexible, but in reality you instinctively know what is right for you.

Freefall (7 percent of us sleep this way)
Confident And Determined

Karina Says: You lie on your front with your head turned to one side. Your back is turned to the world which shows a quiet, inner confidence. You feel secure and trust in the Universe to deliver happy outcomes (even if there are occasional hiccups!). Most high level managers sleep in this position. It is also an indication of strong will-power, when you set your mind to having something (or someone!), you get it. On the other hand you are surprisingly thin-skinned and sensitive to criticism. You gravitate to comfort and avoid tension and arguments. You may tend to be a little selfish, and are the most likely one to hog the duvet. Still, you are awesome!

Starfish (5 percent of us sleep this way)
Good Self Esteem

Karina Says: You lie on your back with both arms up. A survey found that most Hollywood stars sleep on their back. This position is associated with high-self esteem. You are naturally optimistic and shine in the limelight. Although you may not be famous, you are secure enough to chase your dreams. Even in sleep, you are facing toward the world. Starfish sleepers make good friends because they are always ready to listen to others, and offer help when needed. If you don't normally sleep in this position but have been doing so lately, you may be experiencing stress or are under pressure to move forward with your life.

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