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Psychic Readings

What Is A Psychic Reading?

It is where you sit with a psychic or medium who uses their psychic ability to answer questions, predict the future (divination), give advice or speak with the dead. Throughout history psychics have offered their services to people. Methods for readings vary according to the individual psychic. Some will rely solely on their powers whereas others will use tools to tap into their powers. These tools include:

Chinese astrology.
Tarot cards.
Palmistry (palm reading).
Crystal balls.
I Ching.
Tea leaf reading.
Scrying with water, mirrors or crystal balls.

Most psychics prefer to work in comfortable environments in low light because it enhances their attunement to the sitter; some psychics give readings over the phone or online by email. Reputable and responsible psychics do not believe their clients should seek frequent readings or become dependent on them for making decisions. Readings are simply one of many tools a person can use for personal growth and self-knowledge.

How To Perform Your Own Psychic Reading

I firmly believe that everyone has psychic abilities - some may be more advanced than others - but it is in all of us. If you would like to tap into your own abilities, try starting with oracle cards - they are a simple, yet effective tool to help you build your connection with the ‘other side’, angels and spirit guides. You may also consider automatic writing which is another simple but effective psychic tool.

What Does It Mean To Be Psychic?

If you start thinking about someone and then they telephone, you may be using your psychic ability. That is, the ability to read someone's energy and to connect to their feelings and intention. Have you ever felt a shiver down your spine when you enter an old creepy building? If so, it may be more than just coldness in the air. You could in fact be psychically reading the energy of the people who used lived there (clairsentience). Using your psychic abilities means you are sensing things - not by the five senses we know exist for sure (touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing), but by an unseen sixth sense. I remember the first time I had concrete proof of psychic ability. I was on a course and was sitting near to a woman I had never met before. She had a crystal next to her notes. I picked the crystal up and studied it. I saw a watery line running through the stone and before I had time to stop and think, I asked her if she suffered from varicose veins. Surprised, she answered she did. In fact she said, she had had an operation to remove the worst offenders a few days before the course and was feeling sensitive about the matter. This woman was young and healthy looking, there was no reason on earth for me to have even thought of varicose veins (it was the first and last time I’ve ever thought of them). But there it was, and there it was confirmed. Many of us have intuitive thoughts about people we meet on a regular basis, but we are quick to dismiss them.

How Psychic Are You? Take The Psychic Test

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What Is A Psychic Tarot Reading?

There are many ways to perform a Tarot reading which is why they are such a wonderfully diverse tool for divination. Some Tarot readers find it works best to stick closely to set meanings of the cards as they fall in a spread. While others mix it up a little by using their psychic abilities to sense individual messages for the client. In a psychic reading the card may spark a thought and intuitively the reader will follow the thought and see where it leads them - even if they have never associated that thought with the particular card. For example, I did a reading recently for a woman who was worried about her finances. The two of pentacles appeared in her spread confirming she was juggling her resources. I was about to move on to the next card when I suddenly felt the urge to look at the card again. I noticed the boat in the background, looking rather rocky on the water. For no rational reason, I asked her was she feeling nauseous. Surprised by the question, she replied that she was. It certainly made sense of the Empress (fertility) card that appeared later in the spread - if you've studied your Tarot cards you may have guessed her news. She was pregnant - although as it turns out she was not aware of the fact herself at this point. A few days later, with much excitement she confirmed what I already knew. So what made me ask? No reason, gut feeling. And that is how a psychic tarot reading works.

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