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Psychic Surgery

What Is Psychic Surgery?

Just as there are many forms of healing and energy healing, so there are many forms of psychic surgery. The most dramatic examples of this type of healing are practiced primarily in Brazil and the Philippines, where healers perform surgery on patients without the use of medical equipment or anesthetic. They frequently remove large lumps of tissue, such as tumours and gallstones, from their patients' bodies, complete with some of the attendant gore. Many patients have been cured by these methods.

How Is Surgery Performed?

Most psychic surgeons believe that their power to cure comes from the collective unconscious or the guidance of spirit guides. Some psychic surgeons say they operate only on the etheric body of the patient (read about auras and astral travel); they do not touch the flesh but make hand passes and signs in the air above the body. Others cut into the body with hands, kitchen knives or scissors to remove growths. The operations are often accompanied by spurting blood and the production of lumpy masses said to be tumours. The patient usually feels no pain. The surgeon then closes up the wound without using stitches or plasters. The wound heals completely within a few days (rather than weeks, as is normal with Western medicine). The patient is left with little or no scar if an incision was made and walks out to resume their daily lives. Some psychic surgeons also give spiritual injections, in which the surgeon points his finger and injects the patient with spiritual medicine. In some cases patients who have been 'injected' report feeling tingling or jabbing sensations.

Any form of energy healing attracts skeptics, but psychic surgery receives the most criticism. It is an easy target for debunkers of psychic phenomena, who cite the innumerable cases of fraud and then use these to discredit the entire practice. Fraudulent cases include where patients complain of pain and the surgeons blame it on spirits, past life karma or lack of healing. However, the fact that many scientists don't understand genuine psychic surgery, or dare not believe in it because it challenges everything they've been taught, does not automatically mean it is fraudulent.

Brazilian Psychic Surgeons

The best known psychic surgeon to emerge in the 20th century was Jose Pedro de Feitas (1921-71) of Brazil, known by his nickname Arigo, who treated hundreds of patients over two decades, correctly diagnosing their illnesses and writing out correct prescriptions. In operations his trademark was a rusty knife and it was said that he could stop blood flow with verbal commands. He was guided by the spirit of a dead German doctor called Dr Fritz. Between 1958 and 1964 Arigo was jailed by the Brazilian Medical Association for illegal medical practices. In 1968 he was investigated by an American doctor, Andri-ja Puharich, who came to the conclusion that Arigo controlled some form of life energy.

In The West

There are some renowned psychic surgeons practicing in the West, too. One of the best-known is Stephen Turoff who works in Britain. Not a trained surgeon, he works by channelling the instructions of a team of doctors in the spirit world. These doctors are led by Dr Joseph Khan, an Austrian who died in the early 1900s. The discarnate entity called Dr William Lang works with George Chapman, a former fireman, and his son Michael. Dr Lang even gives consultations to his patients while George or Michael Chapman is in a trance. When he was alive, Dr Lang worked as a noted eye surgeon at Moorfields Eye Hospital in London. Occasionally, working through one of the Chapmans, Dr Lang has treated patients whom he first met when he worked at Moorfields. These patients recognize him.

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