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Ability to hear spirits.
Ability to see spirits physically or in your minds eye.
Feeling the presence of spirits.

Remote Viewing

Now that you've mastered psychometry, the next task is to practice remote viewing. Travelling to locations without leaving your sitting room.



What Is Psychometry?

Everything — animate and inanimate — has an aura. The more frequently an object is used, the more likely it is to have a strong aura. For instance, a wedding ring is surrounded by an electromagnetic field that contains information about what has happened to it over the years. Its aura can tell us about the people who have worn it and the significant events that have happened to those people. On the other hand, a chair that sits in a spare bedroom may not have such a strong aura, unless something significant has happened near it.


Psychometry is the art of reading the aura of inanimate objects, usually by holding them (a psychometrist is the person who practices the art of psychometry). You may already be practicing psychometry, without realizing it - for example, whenever you decide not to buy an object in a shop because it doesn't feel right. Imagine that you're attracted to a gold bracelet in the window of an antique shop. You go in and ask to try it on. It looks pretty, but the moment it's on your wrist you start to feel depressed, your head begins to ache or you feel cold or tired. You think this is only a coincidence, but you decide not to buy the bracelet anyway. As you go out of the shop, you see it being replaced in the window. It's odd, you think, because it still looks nice, but for some peculiar reason there's now something about it that you don't like.

In fact, you have just been practicing psychometry. You have tapped into the aura of the bracelet and picked up the energy of one of its previous owners, who may have been depressed or ill. However, you won't be able to confirm this because you're unlikely to discover the history of the bracelet.

Exercises To Practice Psychometry: Working In A Group

A very effective way to practice psychometry is to work with a group of friends who share your aims. This is a particularly good exercise for a psychic circle because your combined energy helps to raise the vibrations in the room and boost everyone's psychic reading abilities.

Arrange for everyone to bring two or three objects on which to practice psychometry. These objects should be relatively small so that they're easily portable, and they should also have been in close contact with their owner for a long period to ensure that they've picked up their owner's energy. You can choose a wide variety of objects, such as watches, rings, other jewellery, purses, wallets, fountain pens, soft toys and keys, provided that their history is known only by the person who brings them.

Ask everyone to place their objects on a large tray, over which you have laid a cloth so that no one can see the other objects. Gently move the objects around, so that they are well jumbled up. When everyone is ready, either you or the leader of the group should ask each person in turn to choose an object and then practice psychometry on it. If necessary, you can set a time limit for each reading. At the end of the readings, encourage everyone to give their constructive feedback.

How To Give A Psychometry Reading

If you're interested in learning more about psychometry and honing your skills, you must work with objects whose history is known, but not by you. You will then gain valuable feedback about whether your reading is correct. If you know nothing about the history of the object, you won't know whether you're completely accurate or way off the mark until this is revealed to you. This means that you need to work in tandem with someone who can give you a suitable object to read. Choose someone who is positive and open-minded, and with whom you feel comfortable. Ideally the object shouldn't belong to her, so that it won't have picked up her energy. For instance, she could give you her grandmother's wedding ring or her son's watch, without supplying any clues about its ownership.

1. Before you start your reading, make sure that you're grounded and balanced. This will help you to distinguish between your own emotions and physical sensations, and those triggered by the psychometry reading.
2. Now take hold of the object in whichever way you wish and sit quietly with it for a couple of minutes. Close your eyes if this improves your concentration. Breathe normally and let yourself tune into the object you're holding.
3. Some psychometrists like to hold the object loosely in the palms of their hands. Others prefer to touch it with their fingertips, and some people like to hold it against their foreheads. Choose whichever method feels right for you and gives you the best results.
4. Take note of the thoughts, emotions, images or bodily sensations that come to you. Don't attempt to analyse them, and don't worry if they fail to make any sense. Although the impressions that come to you may seem strange or far-fetched, you must always mention them. They may have great significance for the person for whom you're giving the reading. You may see an image of a chicken and wonder what it means. If you aren't sure how to interpret it, simply say that you can see a chicken. It may mean that the owner of the object keeps chickens or lives at Rooster Cottage.
5. Simply start talking and see what happens — this is one of the best ways to give a psychometry reading, especially when you're still learning how to do it. You may hear yourself speaking fluently and wonder how you're getting so much information. Don't let this make you self-conscious. Keep speaking, and say whatever comes into your mind. Stop when you have nothing more to say. Don't start making things up.
6. Now ask the other person to give you some feedback. Encourage her to be honest with you, because it's a waste of time for both of you if she says you were completely accurate when in reality you got little right. However, this is unlikely to happen. It's far more probable that you will be amazed by your high level of accuracy.

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