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What Is Reincarnation?

Reincarnation means that the soul returns after death to a new physical body to live another life. Each new incarnation is governed by the rules of karma which determine what lessons need to be learnt. In India (with Buddhism and Hinduism) it is thought that each soul reincarnates 840,000 times. They think it takes that many attempts to perfect our character before our karma can finally be complete. Each time we are born the voice of our entity (soul) is 'lost' in the physical senses of the new body. Intuitively rediscovering this inner voice is like discovering your life path or life purpose. According to a 1981 Gallup poll, 1 in 4 Americans believe in reincarnation and according to the European Values Systems Study (1990), 20 percent of Irish believe in it.

The Evidence

To the materialist world, a soul is a ridiculous notion and even its survival after death, much less its evolution through repeated lives, is quite unthinkable. Of course it all hinges on scientific evidence, and there has been no scientific evidence of reincarnation. Yet, there have been countless examples of very ordinary people under hypnosis relating incredible details from past lives, speaking words and languages they could never have known and naming places and streets that required historians to research in order to confirm the details. Most notable is the research conducted by Ian Stevenson, professor of psychiatry at the University of Virginia, who began investigating reincarnational memories in children all over the world in the late 1960s with impressive results. The main problem of course is that science does not recognize the existence of an essence that survives the brain after bodily death and reincarnation by its very nature implies survival after death. Interestingly a top neuroscientist (who was a self proclaimed non-believer), Eben Alexander, recently announced on the cover story of Newsweek magazine that his near-death experience is proof of life after death. He said “when my patients told me about their near death experiences, bright lights and all, I was polite but did not swallow it for a moment”. He went on to say “like all good scientists, I dismissed their accounts as hallucinations … now I know different”. In 2008 Alexander woke with a splitting headache and within hours was diagnosed with a rare form of meningitis. His survival chance was less than 2 percent. He quickly succumbed to a coma and CT scans of his brain showed no activity whatsoever. According to current medical understanding, there is no way he could have experienced his visions of the after-life during his time in coma, his brain was dead. Yet on waking 7 days later he recounted vivid visions of angels, spirit guides and vivid landscapes.

Mediumship And Reincarnation

So, an important question is - how can mediums ‘talk’ to our dead loved ones, if, chances are, our loved one has already reincarnated and is busily getting on with the next life? The belief is that the spirit of the dead person divides after death: one part travels to the land of the dead where it becomes spirit (the ‘person’ a medium talks to), while the other part returns to earth to be reborn. See, mediumship for more about communicating with the Other Side.

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