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Here are a few of my most recent reviews .....

I had a personal reading with Karina. I found her so amazing. She gave me my life purpose which I'm very excited about. I would recommend Karina to everyone. Thank you Karina.
Geraldine K, Ireland, August 2014

"The reading has been incredibly accurate, every month! It astounds me how accurate and precise it has proved."
Carlo, UK, July 2014

"You are Amazing! Absolutely spot on. Yes Michael is with me always".
Jimmy, Singapore, July 2014

"Thank you so very very much! I cannot tell you how much I resonate with this! I am so pleased with you authenticity and personality, and certainly, will be working with you again".
Emily, USA, July 2014

"I have no words to explain you how happy you have make me feel. I haven't feel as good as today in a long, long time. Thanks for taking your time to do that special reading for me. Thanks for letting me know about my angel name."
Guadalupa, USA, June 2014

Wow! So amazing. Spot on, dear friend. Thanks for your reading. You hit the nail on the head and I am grateful for your very accurate reading.
John, California, June 2014

"You saw me a while back, and said that I would not get the job I sought, you were right. You saw a bolt out of the blue, you were right & it was difficult but I dealt with it. You saw that I would land a job with a female employer - I interviewed & today I was offered the position!!"
Gina, Cork, June 2014

"Thank you so much for my reading today. At last my life makes sense. Today is now the first day of the rest of my life, with true purpose and meaning. I will no longer worry about the future as it is all there planned out for me. I am eternally grateful to you.
Lots of love."
Helen, UK, June 2014

"OMG some of what you emailed me I was only saying yesterday lol. Oh God the angels really hear what we say lol! Thank you so much a wonderful reading and an end to difficult time."
Martina, Ireland, June 2014

"Thank You Karina, that was very accurate l love gardening, nature and animals, l live in the bush and own lots of pets,my job is growing fruit trees for farmers and are also very environmentally minded being a supporter of greenpeace, and have always been attracted to fairies, have even made a effort to communicate with them so that was really lovely to know l have fairy energy".
Lindy, Australia, June 2014

"I did enjoy my reading - I am still in shock! .. I didn't expect such a concise and in depth reading with so much clear information. You were so thorough and spent a lot of time covering all the points I had wanted to know. I am so glad I contacted you. I am very excited about my future and being able to help animals....Thank you for what you have passed on to me and for being an amazing Lightworker. Phew, I have direction!"
Brigette, UK. May 2014

"I want to say thank you for taking the time to give me such full and heartfelt answers to my email questions. Your advice has helped keep me feeling positive despite people's actions because it has given me a change of perspective. I am feeling so much better to handle things now. I truly needed your words. I look forward to the good things to come and the next time we "speak."
Janice, USA. May 2014

"Just wanted to drop you a message to say thank you for our chat yesterday. I feel like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I'm feeling that I now have a clear vision of what I need to do moving forward. Thank you so much again you don't know how much yesterday meant to me".
M..., UAE, May 2014

"Thank you so much for telling me my angel's name and allowing me to communicate better with her. I am elated. I had to message you. I am so thankful to you, you honestly have no idea. All night last night and today I've talked to her like she is my best friend. And out of nowhere I asked my mum if she wanted to go bingo? I've never been in my entire life and never had the urge to go. It just came into my head and I went with it. I felt super lucky and I knew she was with me. I had this strange tingly warm sensation. Basically, to cut a long story short. I won a thousand pound!! I've never felt such a strong feeling of presence with me ever in my life."
Nat, England. April, 2014

"Thank you so much Karina again for your amazing insight, it's really touched me at so many levels and makes complete sense as to how i am feeling at the moment, your words have been such an amazing comfort to me at a time in my life where I'm weighed down by self doubt! I feel it's time for me to connect with my guardian angel. Thank you so much again for sharing your wonderful gift and no doubt i will be back onto you again! Am filling a few friends in about your great work also! Take care.xxx"
Sarah, Ireland, April, 2014

"God Bless you Karina, Thanks for the text reading, you have great talent".
Marie, Ireland. January, 2014

"Thanks once again for your awesome synchroncity and affirmations, your reading is like a rainbow and totally brightened my day".
Selina, Dublin. January, 2014

"Hi Karina, thanks so much once again for your fab message, love it & I'm amazed but not surprised how relevant your reading is. Will stick at it & keep dreaming. Have a great day, thanks again, you're a legend. Xxx"
Christine, Dublin. January, 2014

"Thank you so much karina, I do want to show my girls how to be treated, thanks so much it's made me feel much more positive x"
Kimberely. January, 2014

"Oh wow!!!Your readings are amazing, and you're amazing thanks so so much".
Hollie, Australia. January, 2014

"Oh Karina you have honestly just melted my heart. I'm sitting here in tears (happy tears) . Thank you so so much for this reading. It has given me a lot of clarity. I'm very thankful. And I will most definitely be in touch again!"
Denise, Dublin. December, 2013

"Karina, thank you so much for another wonderful and amazing reading. I'm very much looking forward to 2014".
Sam, Australia. December, 2013

"Thank you so much for that past life reading, it certainly threw a lot of similarities up in this life! I'm already very into spiritualism, and have been told I'm gifted, but didn't want the responsibility of people directing their lives on what I'd said to them, as I have in my early twenties. I just wanted to send you this feedback, and thank you again, it's really helped!"
Michael, UK. December, 2013

"When I doubt myself; even for a second I can read back on your emails to remind myself of the path I AM following. I'm feeling empowered! :)"
Gemma, UK. November, 2013

"I just wanted to send you a message saying thank you for all of your time and guidance yesterday. It was truly a pleasure to meet you. I found what you told me inspirational and I certainly came away with a sense of calm and understanding regarding my path in life. I felt a connection with you as what you have experienced in the last couple of years, your outlook on life and your warm personality are all things that I can relate to."
Hayley, Cork. November 2013

"Wow! Thank you so much. I have tears in my eyes! Amazing. Yes he is a very special :) can't thank you enough for the reading. Xx"
Liz, UK. October, 2013

"I just wanted to write to thank you. You have changed my mood completely. I feel great since I left even kinda giddy hehe. I have'nt felt this good in an awful long time. You have a real gift and an amazing person thanks again."
Patricia, Cork. September, 2013

"Thank you for a beautiful reading, I identified and understood every word, and how fantastic to know my angels name!"
Claire, UK. September, 2013

"You fully nailed my personality, my weaknesses and qualities. Your reading confirmed what I knew about myself. The angel reading blew me away, told me everything I kind of already knew. You have an amazing talent Karina, I hope to keep in touch with you and purchase further readings during times of difficulty. You've raised my spirits today. I feel happy".
Gemma, UK. August, 2013


From those following me on Facebook ....

A small selection of people's comments from the free interactive readings I write for my Facebook page:

Hello, I just wanted to say that. On Tuesday I seen your post about the birds linked to messages. As I've not had any sort of encounters with birds I ignored it. However, yesterday I took my daugther to the zoo and a Robin flew down sat next to me and just looked at me for a few seconds before flying off. I couldn't believe it. And the first description under Robin is the advise I've been needing. So I just wanted to say thank you for posting it.
Nicola, UK

I love your page...thank you. It has helped me to use my abilities more often. Something drew me to this place and I am so happy to have found it and you...dear lady. Blessings.
Donna, August 2014

Dear Karina Collins ..I am really fortunate to have "stumbled" onto your page.Its what I've been looking for.Your intuition and guidance is so perfectly explained .I am now in a state of peace n hope for the better of my own self ,with the answers to my questions n worries that are slowly disappearing due to and through your page...Thank you for what you do to help each and all. You are so "BLESSED " and I'M SO GRATEFUL
Sandra, July 2014

It feels like you know me personally with the posts and again some days they really do stop me from giving up. Thank you so much and please don't stop your wonderful work, it's people like you that honestly save people like me.
Lisa Ann

I've been following your page and just wanted to say thank you it's helped me out in so many ways. I've been in a development circles on and off for a few years and wondered what I was doing and I've been using angel cards. Then tonight I picked the dolphin and eagle from your site and wow talk about a song! So thank you. Much love
Tracy xx

Hi Karina,I don't know if you remember a few weeks ago I had a few messages from posts telling me I was going to be going into a caring type role.I've just been offered a position counselling pregnant substance mis-users.Thank you for the heads up xxx

"Wow now i can understand why my life has been the way it has."
Ripeka Katene

"Thank you Karina Collins, this is awesome, I always knew my ancestors were guiding me, and now my mum is my guide. I followed the link and it confirms what I already knew and heaps more. I so love your page which inspires me to be so much more."
Frances Mackie

" I visited your page and scrolled past the results so I saw the symbols before I realised what they were. But the infinity symbol really made me gasp. I was doodling today, trying something I haven't done before. I rested the pen on the paper and closed my eyes, focused on the background music and slipped into a semi meditative state. Like I say, Ive never done this before but something was driving me to try it at that particular moment. I felt my hand moving, but kept my eyes closed. When I opened them and looked down I had done some very faint lines over the page, and a huge, bold infinity symbol in the middle. I felt that it was significant and that my task I had set myself was finished. Now I see why.
Sarah-louise B.

Omg so shocked read my angel sign which a blue butterfly last night. Today my son picked a magazine he wanted and the toy he got was a net with blue plastic butterflies in it! Xxx
Sophie Luscombe

Just saw my unicorn and was offered a job last night to start next week. After a tough couple of weeks where everything seemed to be going wrong i tried to stay positive and kept knocking and lo and behold my angel came to me thus morning xx
Emma Deedee-Squeak Telfer

I did this test Friday morning after I saw it on my friends post number 2 stood out only because of the bright yellow, then I thought 7 is my favourite number not sure why but I chose 8 dove, me and my husband stayed in a motel to cut a trip in half to see his specialist after his quad bypass and we had breakfast and packed up and were driving down the road when my hubby makes a noise like a bird and says what makes that noise I looked at him and said a dove ?????? and he says yes your right I just saw heaps of doves on that house we just passed, I laughed and told him about this and thanked him for giving me the sign that my angel was with me.
Teresa T.

Couldnt be more true for me. I chose 523 and I am possibly at a huge turning point in my life as long as I believe in & push myself, thanks for the nudge
Gabrielle W.L.

111 oh my god that means so much to me at this moment in time, thank u very much, just to stay positive and stick to what I think, easier said than done tho, thank u very much.
Jenna H.

I picked a unicorn, & the next day, a friend revealed a unicorn cake.! she had made! X
Joanna V.M.

Ah wow. Thank You.., I picked 741 & it really confirmed for me that I'm doing the right thing & will eventually get there LOL
Rachell W.O.N.

That made my heart stop. I had been feeling like I would meet my twin flame and had been doing a lot of research on them along with meditation. That reading was OMG I literally couldn't breathe for a bit.
Maria E.Y.

Wow girl this is spot on AGAIN..! I sometimes think oh they must be a con but i always read the other meanings and they're never right. Looove how spot on these are to me fingers crossed as its just what i need x
Michelle F.

Gosh talk about spot on. I had a reading this week that brought up archangel Raphael and now its come up again. Yes I too picked 5 but also steered to 6 as well. I am also going thru major changes and have experienced a lot of pain over the years, but one thing I have always loved to do is help people. Thankyou so much for your reading I will take heed of your comments but I know I have still along way too go in growth and confidence. looking forward to your continual posts thank you again.xxxxx
Kiani K.

I picked 5 and it described everything going on in my life. I returned to college a couple yrs ago - my major is in child psychology with a specific of disabled children. Also recently returned to the Catholic Church and angels make me feel relaxed. Thank you.
Joyelle T.

I picked 6 and its spot on with what is going on in my life right now even down to the teary eyed and emotional stuff thank you so much x
Mylene C.

I picked card 2, it is completely right for me. I have always questioned if there was something more to my husband and i being together, he tried for 2 years to be with me i always refused but eventually i agreed but when i did agree i later asked why i had. LOL. Anyway we met and the rest is history, do believe we we were meant to be and its like we have been together for ever. thanks x
Annmarie J.

I picked 5 and im amazed i have worked with mental health and dementia im actually off week this last 3 years from being unwell and was just talking last night that i would like to retrain in the care health field but can't choose what i want to do as i want to be able to work with all ages. Thank u so very much for these little readings x
Roisin Mc D.

I chose #4 and wow - it's right on the money for me. I've hit a wall with work, and have been wondering if I should stay the course or toss in the hat.
Cora Z.

I chose south east.. Mostly because I love the view into my back garden which lies south east... But quite surprised that it mentions writing a book as that is what I am trying to do right now! It's been a long held wish and finally I am going for it. Added to that... Oddly enough, the lead character in my story is called Karina, and your name pops up on my news feed today. I'm hoping these are all good signs xx
Cathy H.

Omg Karina you are amazing and brilliant spot on as usual, I love what you do and you bring such happiness to our lifes and I personally thankyou for that lots of to you Karina Xxx
Lynette M.G

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