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What Are Runes?

Runes are ancient symbols that are believed to have magical and divination properties. Rune divination consists of 24 or 25 small stones with symbols inscribed on them. The runes are placed in a bag. One popular method is simply to ask a question and then pick a rune from the bag for an answer. The way of the runes is subtle but powerful and can have a profound effect on many levels. They are used not only for fortune telling, but for protection, healing, empowerment and learning. The mystery of the runes is not a mystery at all, it is simply a path towards greater learning that anyone can tread. No one knows exactly what each rune originally meant. Over the centuries meanings have been given by different authors. It is often suggested that those who wish to work with runes should take each individual rune in turn and spend some time meditating on it in order to attribute their own personal meaning.

rune stones

Using The Runes

To learn from the runes, you need to "tune in" to their vibrations. Each rune has a corresponding tree, colour, herb and crystal which are keys to unlock its lessons. Working with these, you can set up a vibrational field that allows the subconscious mind to learn the vibration and teach its lesson to the conscious mind. Instead of using the conscious mind to try to find the lesson of each rune, you can allow the lesson to find you.

The History Of The Runes

The runes were a sacred writing system used throughout the Germanic and Viking tribes of northern Europe, especially in Britain, Scandinavia and Iceland. Their origin is uncertain, but runic inscriptions have been found dating from the year 3 AD. The script appears on memorial stones, weapons and tools and its angular style points to the fact that the runes were intended for carving, not writing.

The word "rune" comes from runa, meaning "a whisper" or "a secret", which implies a magical use. Throughout northern Europe, shamans existed who evolved a complex and deep spiritual tradition of which the runes were an intrinsic part, and rune masters were held in high esteem. They knew how to practice divination with the runes, and how to use them in magical and energy healing work.

Learning From The Runes

Everything in the universe is vibrating; nothing is still. Anything that is balanced and "healthy" has a harmonious vibration. Anything that is unbalanced and "unhealthy" has a discordant vibration. All natural things, such as plants, animals and crystals, have harmonious vibrations. Ultimately human beings are seeking balance and harmony. The runes present symbols whose vibrations help us to become more balanced. They are like a series of lost chords that we need to find. The vibrations of the natural objects associated with them can help us to understand their lessons. They each hold some of the notes of the lost chords.

The ancient Celts and Vikings believed that everything in nature has a "spirit", an energy that can be communicated with and learnt from. This included trees, herbs, crystals, stones and even runes. Through meditation, they were able to "tune in" to their vibrations and learn from them. By meditating with gifts from nature, you will experience their vibrations. The first step is simply to touch, feel, hold, smell and meditate with them. The images and sensations that they offer will become easier to understand as you work with the runes.

Finding Your Personal Rune

Hold the bag containing all your runes and empty your mind of all mundane thoughts. Ask the runes to show you your personal power rune which will be your guide. Pick out a single rune from the bag, hold it in your hand and meditate for a while, noting any images and thoughts that enter your mind.

You may wish to wear the corresponding colour and meditate beside the tree while holding the herb and crystal. If you have no access to these, picture them in your mind before you begin to meditate. Ask to be shown some of the lessons that your power rune has to teach you. These will often appear as images that enter your mind and should be noted down. Consider what they may mean, but do not worry if you cannot interpret them all as some of the lessons may only reveal themselves with time and patience. You cannot force understanding.

When you have worked with your power rune for a while, you may wish to research the corresponding tree, colour; herb and crystal - each has healing properties that may give you clues to the areas of your life that need healing and the lessons you need to learn. For example, the oak teaches strength but warns against inflexibility, as it is easily felled in a storm. The willow, on the other hand, teaches this flexibility as it bends in the wind. Even if a piece of it is broken off, that piece will root and grow into a new tree; so it also teaches the power of regeneration.

Consulting The Runes

Whenever you have a problem for which you can find no solution, a question for which you can find no answer or a decision you cannot make, you can consult the runes. They will not tell you precisely what to do or how to act. But what they will do is comment on a situation, giving you a new perspective from which to view things. This in turn will give you greater objectivity, which will then help you in your decision-making. The wisdom of the runes is more subtle than a simple "yes" or "no" answer. If this is what you want, you will have to flip a coin!

How Divination Works

If you have a problem or an issue for which you need guidance, you can focus your thoughts on that problem while holding your rune bag. This will send a vibration into the runes. The rune or runes that can provide guidance about the issue will resonate and you will unconsciously be attracted to pick out these runes. The more focused your thinking is, the clearer the answer will be. When focusing on the problem, ask the runes to comment on the issue rather than asking them a "yes" or "no" question.

If, for instance, you are undecided about whether to move into a new house, rather than asking the runes, "Should I move into a new house?", you should say, "I would like the runes to comment on the issue of whether or not I should move into a new house." Likewise, if you are asking about a possible partner in love, you should ask the runes to comment on your relationship rather than just asking, "Is this the right person for me?"

Drawing The Runes

Once you have focused on the question you want to ask, you can draw runes in one of two ways. You can pick individual runes out of the bag and lay them on the table in front of you. Alternatively, you can place all the runes in front of you, face down, and pass your hand over them, picking the rune that your hand feels most attracted to. This attraction may manifest itself as a warm, tingling sensation in your hand when it passes over the right rune for you. Once you have chosen a rune, turn it over from left to right and place it in front of you on the table.

When drawing a rune, it is important that you have a clear intent about the way in which you want the rune to comment. If you wish it to give you a general perspective upon an issue, you need to draw only a single rune. However; you may wish the runes to comment on a number of points relating to a single issue: for example, what has led up to the issue occurring in your life (the past), how you should approach it now (the present) and what the possible outcome could be (the future). In this case, you need to draw 3 runes, holding one of these aspects clearly in your mind before you draw each rune (this is similar to the three card Tarot spread). In this way you can achieve quite specific guidance which will be of great help to you in coming to a decision about the problem that is concerning you, and more generally on your journey through life.

Interpreting The Runes

The power of interpretation is available to everyone and it improves with practice. There are specific ways to improve your readings and interpretations which will come with patience and a little discipline. Each time you perform a reading with the runes, make a note of the issue on which you are asking the runes to comment, which runes you draw, and what you think they mean. About a month later go back and look again at the comments you wrote, noting down any new insights that you have gained between the time of the readings and the present. This will help you to evaluate which parts of your original interpretation were accurate, and which were not. In this way, you will be able to improve your skills and understand more clearly what the runes have to say to you, the way that they say it and how you can learn from them.

Drawing a Rune From The Rune Bag

1. Lay out your casting cloth on a table. Concentrate on what you want to ask before you begin to draw the runes. Then pick individual runes out of the bag.
2. Once you have picked a rune out of the bag, turn it over from left to right so that it is face up, and put it down on your casting cloth in front of you.

Picking A Rune From The Casting Cloth

1. Take all the runes out of the bag and place them face down upon a casting cloth (or any table cloth you may have). Pass your hand slowly over them to find which runes you are attracted to.
2. When your hand passes over the right rune, it may become warm and tingling. Turn the rune over from left to right and place it in front of you on the casting cloth.

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