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What Does The Next 6 Months Ahead Hold For You?

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what does my future hold?


Karina Says:
An exciting new opportunity is coming your way. For most of you this refers to work - a promotion, new job offer or lucky self-employment opportunity shows up in your life. When this opportunity knocks - grab it! Whatever you say YES to in the second half of this year will impact the rest of your life. Go for it! While there may be some initial growing pains - these will quickly pass. March bravely forward into the unknown and kiss your comfort zone goodbye! For those of you are working in the home or retired, the Ace of Fire brings a fresh start in one area of your life - this may mean a new relationship, baby or grandchild (that you will be particularly close to). If you plan on starting a new hobby, it could turn into a money-making opportunity later.
Angel: Call on Archangel Raziel in the coming months to opens doors for you.

Karina Says:
If you apply self-discipline and willpower in the coming months, you will realize your dreams and achieve huge success. The Chariot represents triumphs over obstacles. Right now you are entering a phase of your life where recognition for your talents/achievements can be earned. Keep your head down, stay focused and work at what you want to achieve - be that a work related project, weight loss or a new skill - stay the distance, don't give up and have no doubt you will achieve your goal. In fact, you'll feel FANTASTIC about yourself, and others can't help but notice! Over the next 6 months, you can take a huge leap forward if you refuse to quit.
Angel: Call on Archangel Metatron to increase your motivation and energy levels in the coming months.

Karina Says:
You are reaching the end of a phase or situation. In the coming 6 months you finish a project or phase of your life. Some of you experience great relief at this ending, while others will feel a little sad. Either way, it is time to move on. Take your time making adjustments/arrangements, there is no immediate hurry. Be kind to yourself during the transition and seek the support of family and friends. You are heading towards a spiritual transformation - this means your wants and needs are changing, life becomes more simple. In the process events take unexpected (but enjoyable) twists and turns. Hold onto your hat .... you’re about to experience the rush and exhilaration of feeling truly alive.
Angel: Call on Archangel Michael to help you move forward fearlessly.

Karina Says:
Everyone experiences a time in their life when they are afraid or insecure. Sometimes these fears are based on concrete realities, other times they stem from fantasies in our head. Now is the time to release those fears because they have blocked you moving forward. Awake to the brilliant light within - a light you have kept hidden for too long! You have amazing intuition, when you chose to listen to it. You have natural psychic ability which allows you great insight about others, and yourself. The Moon is associated with clairvoyance, mediumship, spiritual work ... even if you think you know the limit of your gifts, think again. You've only touched the surface. The world is waiting for you ...
Angel: Call on Archangel Haniel in the coming months because he helps remove blocks and uncover spiritual gifts. Those gifts can be used in every element of your life, you can reach for the stars.

Karina Says:
Happy times, you are on the right path. You have every reason to be hopeful and have happy expectations for the future. Believe in your dreams, and look to your future with excitement and confidence. Challenging times are rapidly moving behind you and brighter times lie ahead. It is safe to make long-term plans and to imagine your life the way you want it - so take actions in that direction. The soil is fertile, which means the seeds you plant now will come to fruition. It doesn't matter what sort of difficulties you have had - relationships, ill health, financial losses - trust that the future is SUNNY. When you think of the months ahead, picture a luminous golden yellow globe ... a happy, sunshiny place.
Angel: Call on Archangel Jophiel, the angel of optimism to keep you company in the months ahead.

Karina Says:
You have picked the best luck card in the Tarot deck! This means your wish will come true - that which you have prayed for finally happens. Your concerns fade and the efforts you have made will finally pay off. However, it is really important right now to be clear about your wish. What exactly do you want to happen in the next 6 months? Don't over-reach, if your list is long, reduce it to ONE important wish. Why? Because in so doing you will clarify your true desire. While you may have lots of 'wants' on your list, only one is key to your success and happiness in the immediate future. When you are clear what that one thing is, your angels, the Universe and everyone on the Other Side will also be be clear and together you will make it happen. Good fortune will accompany you.
Angel: Call on Archangel Haniel, the High Priestess to help you relax and trust in the outcome.

Karina Says:
You have recently had, or will have in the coming months, a life-changing experience. It is a wake-up call for you to make some changes. It is a powerful revelation that leads to change for the positive. It may be a new revelation or something you've known about for a while but put off dealing with. Suddenly you realize the situation can't be ignored. Don't be afraid! This is a moment of freedom and awakening. The way you see yourself and the world will change forever, bringing you growth and encouraging you to spread your wings. Allow these new events and insights to motivate you to embrace your heart's true desires. You are being channelled in a new direction by Higher Powers. Trust everything is happening for your ultimate happiness, you have nothing to fear.
Angel: Call on Archangel Chamuel to help you hear your intuition (inner voice of guidance).

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